Waiting For The Messiah

Dr. MIchael LaitmanQuestion: What is “the coming of the Messiah”? Have we already entered this period?

Answer: No, the coming of Messiah is the revelation of the force that will take humanity out of its old ego, those that understand and yearn to it, and also those that don’t even feel that they are in the ego.

Therefore it says that man has to be in one of the two extreme states, in the good state or in the bad state. We know this according to our daily spiritual states.

Question: Is there a middle state?

Answer: Middle states do not awaken a need for redemption. Redemption from what?

And I need to expect and yearn for this force to come to me. Such a state needs to be desired, and I, with complete power, should demand the Messiah, attract this force to me, and try to act so that it will pull me forward.

I am in expectation of when it will redeem me from the ego, when it will lift me to general love and bestowal, and I will spread in the whole universe in such a manner that I will not feel myself but only what is outside of me.

The other state is completely opposite to the first state. It is completely egoistic, wild, and scary. But precisely being in it, I understand that I am a complete egoist. I don’t expect and don’t call, because I understand that I exist in it and feel the ego as bad.

In each degree of the spiritual development, we pass alternately between the two states. The transition from degree to degree happens in analogy with change of social formations. If society does not reject its current state completely, it can’t change itself, meaning perform a natural revolution and rise to the next degree. It must tear all the relations that connect it to this degree and rise up. In other words, in order to rise to a higher degree, a negative potential has to accumulate.

Besides, there must be certain dissemination to the public, consent of the masses, inner tension in society, struggle between different classes, etc., that always changes the system. Meanwhile I don’t see these signs in the inner ripening of the society. Therefore we did not yet enter the period of Messiah.”
From KabTV’s “Will the Messiah Come?” 11/14/14

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  1. My dear friend Michael, what did we speak 1990 ? Have you forgotten it ? MOSCHIACH IS HERE.

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