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The Creator Is The Force Of Love

laitman_610_2Question: Can we feel shame before the Creator? If so, what are we ashamed of if the Creator is the inanimate nature and not some figure that knows you and sees you? Or is there a live boss in addition to the still nature?

Answer: There is only an upper mind and force, which are revealed to us as the force of love. The force of love generates all of creation, manages it, and brings it to the state of wholeness. A Kabbalist is a person who actively participates in this process.

Question: What brings the Creator contentment and delights Him?

Answer: Resembling Him.

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A New World War Is Already Underway

laitman_272Comment: The head of the EuroAsian Economic Community (EurAsEC) Institute published a lengthy article in which he said that a world war is already underway, but not on the level of nations as was in previous centuries; rather, it is on the level of what is called the global marketplace.

In the article, he describes very accurately that terrorists and mercenaries will physically fall in this war. Nations are named in whose territory there will be civil wars. He even paints their goals of global domination.

Answer: War will not disappear, it just transforms from a revealed to a more hidden form with different technological methods.

With the end of the Second World War, the development of markets began, and their leaders moved to the front of the stage. The magnates at the top of the economic pyramid created major corporations that are above all politics. They have their own point of view about the world.

Question: Do they manage the physical world?

Answer: They don’t manage anything. They insert their changes according to how the higher management changes the world.

Underlying all is the upper force that conducts its effect on the world through us. On the other hand, being in the world, its effect influences us!

As a result, working with both sides, through us and through the world, it teaches us what we should be, understanding it through the drop-down world, through our reaction to it, through our impact on the world and its response to us. This is how it teaches us all the time.

Its mission is to lead us to ensure that we become equal, similar, and equivalent to it.

Question: That is, we have no freedom because the upper force presses on us from both sides?

Answer: Certainly! Freedom is just recognizing that there is no freedom and to find ourselves in it. In other words, because this power is complete and singular, by wanting to follow it and be like it, by learning to consciously repeat and discover all of your deviations from its behavior, you study yourself, and in this manner you are constantly directed toward it correctly!

You see how you grow and understand with whom you are working, as a tango.

The task of humanity is to enter into this tango with the Creator. All of the wars, suffering, and blows of nature are pushing us toward this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/5/16

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Can Kabbalah Be Harmful?

laitman_600_04Question: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah give a person that religions don’t?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah gives a secular person a unique thing: the way to attain the upper world, the comprehension of the system that manages this world, the revelation of the Creator.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t deal with religious rites and customs. The religious Mitzvot and rites we are familiar with are laws and customs of our world. But Kabbalah deals with the laws of the upper world.

If we begin to learn these laws and try to be similar to them, then we will begin to feel and understand the upper world. The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to teach a person how to attain the upper world.

Question: What is practical Kabbalah? I understand that we are speaking about a very strong connection between a Kabbalist and the Creator. Is the ritual of “The Pulsa deNura” – “lashes of fire,” thought of as practical Kabbalah?

Answer: It is simply theater, and actually there are no spells, no way to harm anyone. to do it.

There is another possibility – the evil eye. But all this is absolutely not in Kabbalah. Go to any grandmother who has such powers, and she will bring the evil eye on you. These people have a special feeling, a special wish, they can send to another person, and some internal waves affect it. So people can get sick or even die. But this is not the action of the Kabbalistic Pulsa deNura. No one knows what it is and no one knows how to do it!

A Kabbalist cannot harm anyone because the foundation of the wisdom of Kabbalah is only good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/24/16

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The Upper World Is Open For Everyone

226Question: While in hiding, Kabbalah has acquired all kinds of myths like red strings, holy water, lucky charms, etc.. How can we tell the difference between the truth and a myth?

Answer: It is common knowledge that there are secrets in nature that have not been revealed by man yet, but which can be revealed. This is what science is systematically engaged in, moving forward and revealing the secrets of nature on all its levels.

There are secrets that science cannot reveal because there are forces in nature that science cannot perceive.

Anything associated with internal problems of the human prsyche, with the mechanism of thinking and understanding, is actually concealed from us and it is doubtful whether science will ever be able to reveal it.

Perhaps only on the corporeal level when we visualize the human brain as a computer, some sort of machine, which means when we relate to our brain as inanimate nature, can we study it, experiment on it, depict different features, and create mechanisms that seemingly resemble man.

Basically our inner structure is totally concealed from us. It doesn’t belong to our world because nature still exists only on three levels: the still, vegetative, and animate, while the fourth level, called man, currently does not exist in our world.

What we call human beings are actually creatures who are organized in a more sophisticate manner but not as humans in the Kabbalistic sense, which is the inner part of man by which he has to transcend the limits of our world, beyond the limits of the animate level, to the level of man, to the level of resembling the Creator and revealing Him.

There is nothing unnatural about this and it is simply the next level of consciousness, sensation, understanding, perception, and comprehension of nature that is different from ours. It is a holographic brain with intricate thinking. But in our world, these concepts don’t exist.

We feel something and see that we will not reach its real depth and don’t reach the truth because people are trying to draw a picture of the next level in their corporeal mind and feelings. But they are unable to do so because neither our feelings nor our mind are in the format that can create the picture of the upper world, to feel it or somehow draw it in itself.

We cannot enter this format. We don’t perceive radio waves, for example, but we can build instruments that can receive them. We do not perceive the upper attributes because we are opposite from them since we are egoistic creatures. The upper world is made of totally different attributes, properties of love, bestowal, altruism, outside ourselves above our egoism.

Therefore mistaken images are created in people’s minds on the corporeal level and biased speculations made regarding the wisdom of Kabbalah. In fact, the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the upper world and calls us to reveal it, but we have to follow special rules in order to attain it. The upper world is open for everyone to anyone who can change himself and begin to feel it.

Until then we have no choice, no tricks can help us. People may think and guess what the upper world is like and come up with different myths but it will be nothing like the real upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/24/16

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New Life 719 – Moses And The Power Of Faith

New Life 719 – Moses And The Power Of Faith
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

How does the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh in the story of the exodus from Egypt illustrate the opposite desires inside us? What is the force that empowers Moses when he encounters Pharaoh, and what is faith according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

The Torah describes what happens in a person who wants to resemble the Creator. Faith is the force of love and bestowal that a person acquires in this process. It is the ability to act for the good of others and the Creator.

Every person’s nature is self love; one feels that he or she is the center of the world. In some people questions arise about the point of living? Why am I the way I am and what the purpose of it all? What is the benefit that we live and die? What should I do all this life?

Man doesn’t know the answer to these questions because he doesn’t see the whole system. In order to know it he has to get to know the general management software.

These big questions are called Moses, stemming from the Hebrew root “pull – moshech,” as they pull a person beyond himself to the goal of creation. The inner voice of Moses in a person seems to tell him to stop thinking only about his private circle and to relate to the whole general system.

Other egoistic desires rise in a person and confront Moses, pulling a person back to the desire to receive for himself. Then Moses feels that he is enslaved, totally subordinate to the huge egoism inside him. Moses discovers his connection with the upper force that controls the whole general system through “Come to Pharaoh,” and frees the desires called the children of Israel, who learn the way of love of others, from the domination of Pharaoh. The rule of love thy friend as thyself enables a person to get to know the general system, the upper force.
From KabTV’s “New Life 719 – Moses And The Power Of Faith,” 4/21/16

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Congenital Altruism

Laitman_036In the News (newsroom.ucla): “After exploring the areas of the brain that fuel our empathetic impulses — and temporarily disabling other regions that oppose those impulses — two UCLA neuroscientists are coming down on the optimistic side of human nature.

“’Our altruism may be more hard-wired than previously thought,’ said Leonardo Christov-Moore, a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA’s Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior.

“The findings, reported in two recent studies, also point to a possible way to make people behave in less selfish and more altruistic ways, said senior author Marco Iacoboni, a UCLA psychiatry professor.

“’This is potentially groundbreaking,’ he said.”

My Comment: Baal HaSulam writes that in every generation 10% are born as altruists, and their actions are already determined by this innate quality that is realized by them in various social relationships.

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