The Upper World Is Open For Everyone

226Question: While in hiding, Kabbalah has acquired all kinds of myths like red strings, holy water, lucky charms, etc.. How can we tell the difference between the truth and a myth?

Answer: It is common knowledge that there are secrets in nature that have not been revealed by man yet, but which can be revealed. This is what science is systematically engaged in, moving forward and revealing the secrets of nature on all its levels.

There are secrets that science cannot reveal because there are forces in nature that science cannot perceive.

Anything associated with internal problems of the human prsyche, with the mechanism of thinking and understanding, is actually concealed from us and it is doubtful whether science will ever be able to reveal it.

Perhaps only on the corporeal level when we visualize the human brain as a computer, some sort of machine, which means when we relate to our brain as inanimate nature, can we study it, experiment on it, depict different features, and create mechanisms that seemingly resemble man.

Basically our inner structure is totally concealed from us. It doesn’t belong to our world because nature still exists only on three levels: the still, vegetative, and animate, while the fourth level, called man, currently does not exist in our world.

What we call human beings are actually creatures who are organized in a more sophisticate manner but not as humans in the Kabbalistic sense, which is the inner part of man by which he has to transcend the limits of our world, beyond the limits of the animate level, to the level of man, to the level of resembling the Creator and revealing Him.

There is nothing unnatural about this and it is simply the next level of consciousness, sensation, understanding, perception, and comprehension of nature that is different from ours. It is a holographic brain with intricate thinking. But in our world, these concepts don’t exist.

We feel something and see that we will not reach its real depth and don’t reach the truth because people are trying to draw a picture of the next level in their corporeal mind and feelings. But they are unable to do so because neither our feelings nor our mind are in the format that can create the picture of the upper world, to feel it or somehow draw it in itself.

We cannot enter this format. We don’t perceive radio waves, for example, but we can build instruments that can receive them. We do not perceive the upper attributes because we are opposite from them since we are egoistic creatures. The upper world is made of totally different attributes, properties of love, bestowal, altruism, outside ourselves above our egoism.

Therefore mistaken images are created in people’s minds on the corporeal level and biased speculations made regarding the wisdom of Kabbalah. In fact, the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the upper world and calls us to reveal it, but we have to follow special rules in order to attain it. The upper world is open for everyone to anyone who can change himself and begin to feel it.

Until then we have no choice, no tricks can help us. People may think and guess what the upper world is like and come up with different myths but it will be nothing like the real upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/24/16

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  1. Very Nice. Interesting and worth contemplating. One question. If we view the human brain as a computer…then should not the internet be viewed as a superhuman brain consolidating the thoughts of billions….with right or wrong information, nonetheless, available, connecting things that were not connectable before its existence … does not the consolidated thought increase world intelligence…and connection?

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