New Life 548 – The Holocaust And The New Jewish Identity

New Life 548 – The Holocaust And The New Jewish Identity
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

How has the Holocaust affected our development as a nation? What should we understand from what happened and what is the Jewish identity we have to build so that we will become a model and a source of affinity for the whole world?

The world is advancing not only technologically; we also need to develop a new awareness, a positive attitude to everyone. Today it is clear that we can achieve anything technologically and there is great abundance, but the relations between people are getting worse.

This process started a hundred years ago. We were given a chance to return to our land and to re-establish the connection between us. But because we didn’t do so, the world was thrown into maelstrom of wars, revolutions, and finally the Holocaust.

After the Holocaust we were given the chance to build ourselves in the land of Israel. Today, the world is collapsing and the ego is destroying everything. Before the Holocaust we survived in exile and kept the religious customs. But because we did not advance to a new consciousness of leading the world to love, we receive a negative push.

All the afflictions we have undergone since establishing of the State of Israel stem from the delay in our advancement toward a new consciousness. The true internal Jewish identity is that we are all one bundle. We have to correct our egoism.

Our nation has been divided into two groups in Israel, religious and secular, and there are numerous factions within each group. We have to build an umbrella that will protect us from hatred, rejection, and detachment. We must awaken the connecting force. Let’s spur the positive force in the nation above the negative force of egoism and hold the two reins.

The revelation of the force of connection and love between people is called the revelation of the Creator. This is the goal of our life. When we were in exile we kept the traditional Jewish way. But in Israel, the negative force and hatred erupted. Today we have to add the positive force that will lead the nation to connection. We need people who can lead and educate the nation to this end. Then the positive force, the force of love, will spread among us and will put in every human’s heart the care for the well being of others.

The future Jewish identity is to lead humanity to love and connection, and will thus become a spiritual nation.
From KabTV’s “New Life 548 – The Holocaust And The New Jewish Identity,” 4/7/15

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman,
    Thank you for your wonderful article in BIN , “The memory of the Holocaust is no excuse for inaction.” I believe I know the reason for why the Jews are the most hated people on earth; and I’ve written a book that contains the answer (Divine Wisdom and Warning: Decoded Messages from G-d). Jews are the primary litmus test for the hatred of G-d. We can see this both from Numbers 10:35 and in the literal definition of the term anti-Semitism: “Anti the Name of G-d or Anti Hashemism.” I’d like to send you a copy of my book. Here’s my video that introduces my work:
    Thank you, Dr. Nicholas Gura

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