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laitman_568_01Question: Statistics were recently published about the services provided by the local authorities in Israel for their residents. The numbers are astounding.

A resident of Tel Aviv gets a variety of services and activities totaling 6,700 NIS, while a resident of Kiryat Yam receives municipal services totaling 360 NIS, 20 times less, and respectively, in Ra’anana it is 6,158 NIS, and in Ofakim it is 537 NIS. I understand that, in Ra’anana, the residents earn more and pay more in city taxes, but 20 times is unreasonable. This is absurd.

Answer: This is the way of our government. It has no plan to bring equal conditions to people, so accordingly the mayors also don’t plan to bring equal distribution of services to their residents.

If you investigate the various strata of the population within a city—in the center of the city, on the periphery, and in the rest of its areas—you will see an immense difference between them according to the same principle as exists between the center of the country and the periphery. The matter indicates that, as of today, our government still requires changes.

The people must demand that the periphery be at least like the center of the country. It must be even better because the conditions there allow for it, such as large areas and extensive possibilities. The problem is the lack of attention devoted to this.

Question: The emphasis placed is placed on the fact that every industrial area, i.e., all of the work, is found in the center.

Answer: That is not important. The entire periphery is a sleeping area. Under today’s conditions, the residents of the entire periphery can reach every central office or factory by train within an hour to an hour and a half. The problem is that it is necessary to dedicate more attention to this, and the peripheral areas need to be good residential areas.

Where have you seen an American who wants to live in the center of a city? He needs a good house with a garden in nature and will even commute an hour to work, while at home, there are wonderful conditions for the family.

All of my relatives live in Canada and travel an entire hour to work. But along with this, they have a house and a plot of land near a lake, woods, and clean air, i.e., all the conditions for a good life.

Our periphery is advancing very slowly toward a good level. Government programs should take this into account.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/27/16

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