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The Course Is A Change Of Consciousness

Opinion ( ): “Whenever humanity rushes to a new level of consciousness, it invents a fundamentally more productive organizational model. Are we witnessing this decisive stage today? Are we ready for such a leap?

“The main thing – be a productive person, along with others to achieve great goals and to change the world for the better. What will the new society be? Probably, it will be a closed economy with zero growth. … The planet with limited resources can not sustain unlimited growth …

“Without the sight of a particular variety of alternatives, we can safely assume that the Company … will move closer to the ideal of a closed economy with zero waste, zero toxicity and absolute processing of all.

“Zero economic growth does not mean the total absence of growth. The tragedy of our times is that we have taken the growth of prosperity. … a community can have zero or even negative GDP growth, but be much richer emotionally, socially and spiritually. In all these areas we can grow as much as necessary, without fear of reaching the ceiling.

“More and more people are realizing that this is not a crisis, but the end of the cycle.”

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Population Growth Will Reshape The Map Of The World

laitman_628_4In The News (Open Economy): “By the beginning of the new era, there were only about 250 million people in the world. On the eve of the XIX century, the world population reached a billion, and in the XXI century – already 7 billion people. By the end of this century, as the UN predicts, the world have be 10-11 billion inhabitants. …

“The fact is that that the ‘third world’ will bring an ‘unprecedented human tsunami’ scientists said in the middle of the last century.Today, the problem is obvious -. Six of the seven billion people are living in developing countries, and of them – 1.6 billion are men aged 15 to 50 years. ‘Is it any wonder that they are trying at all costs to change the world order?’ – Asks Anatoly Vishnevsky. …

“… according to UN experts, the global population explosion may be completed by the middle of the XXI century, although by that time humanity will increase by three to four billion. And most importantly, per Vishnevsky, ‘the demographic ratio of the masses of large regions of the world will change much.’ People in developing countries constitute a huge ‘overhang’ over-developed – the population ratio in them is approximately one to ten in favor of the former. Actually, today Asia’s population exceeds 60% of the world, and the area occupied by them is only 23.7%. …

“Mass migration from developing countries is already provoking social upheaval in the European Union. In the long term, according to Vishnevsky’s forecast, large-scale migration in general can change the political, ethno-cultural and religious map of the world.”

My Comment: War will not stop this phenomenon; the only option that remains is the equal distribution of wealth, standard of living, etc., which will be achieved only through the re-education of the entire population of the world. Developed nations must think about the future about how to bring the world to a single form, which is the only means capable of preventing chaos.

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Soul And Body – A Conglomerate Of Desires

laitman_569_01Question: What is unique about spiritual desires in comparison to social ones?

Answer: We are all  a desire. In principle, seeing ourselves as a particular biological structure is just the way it seems to us. In fact, what our eyes see are conglomerates of desires, and nothing else exists in the world.

The Creator only created desires that are placed before us and felt in various forms.

A soul is also a desire, but when it exists as a desire directed toward reception, it is called a “body.” There also is a desire that is built upon the characteristic of bestowal that directs itself toward others.

Those desires that we can change from reception to bestowal become a soul, and those that cannot be changed remain as our biological body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/13/15

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How Will Future Organizations Be Managed

laitman_565_01Opinion (from “Scientists have discovered that throughout history of mankind, humanity has undergone different phases of evolution and in every phase there was a leap in consciousness, morality and psychology.And every time, when humanity rose to a new level, it has devised a new way of co-operation, a new model of organization.”

Opinion (Frederic Laloux’s book and talk Reinventing Organizations): “On the new level of our evolution all the plants are divided into teams of ten people. The teams are managed and organized independently and coordinate and decide what their wages will be and even take decisions regarding the absorption of new workers. If there are misunderstandings they turn to a central office for advice. The manager’s only role is to represent the company in the outside world.

“The teams operate collectively and there is no hierarchy of personal achievements, since there is a rotation of offices and people serve as marketers, employers, and sometimes as their colleagues’ mentors. There is no strategy that the management brings here or slogans that are forced unto them. Each one understands the responsibility he has. The main goal is to make the world a better place.

“Profit ceases to be a goal in itself and is the outcome of good teamwork. Despite the paradox, companies remain competitive and have considerable profits. These are not theoretical calculations or a utopia but a concrete new method of managing organizations and it is the prototype of future organizations.

“We can see such examples in Patagonia, the developers of Valve games and the power company AES.”

My Comment: The search for organizational models will continue, but will lead to even greater disappointments in the end because without changing the nature of man from selfish to altruistic, and the reward from our world to revelation of the Creator, we will not find any solutions.

Therefore there will be no positive outcomes if we don’t disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah and fulfill it.

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New Life #507 – Why Is The Bible Considered To Be A Holy Book?


New Life #507 – Why Is the Bible Considered To Be a Holy Book?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


The holy books speak about something higher than our world. In order to attain and understand what they are saying, we must become holy. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us that holiness is the characteristic of bestowal and love. These are divine qualities that every person in our world must acquire.

Holy books were written by people who attained divinity, and their goal was to help us also attain what they attained. The Kabbalists explain that those authors wrote these holy books in the “language of the branches,” which is a special coded language through which they could describe the higher forces in our language.

The Bible is not a historical book; it is a living book. It is a book in which high spiritual states are described that every person can and must ascend and attain. All that we must do is to take the words about this world that are written in the book and explore and attain their true meaning, which is that they basically are describing a world that is above our world. Basically, when we read the Bible with its true inner meaning, we discover the operating system that manages our lives and our world.

After all, everything in our world—the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking—are operated by spiritual forces. All we must do is to recognize this operating system in order to attain the properties of bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “New Life #507 — Why Is The Bible Considered To Be A Holy Book?,” 1/22/15

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