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From A World Of Illusion To The World Of Reality

laitman_222_0Question: For a few years, I have tried to understand who I am and what my mission is in life. How is it possible to continue on the way without becoming confused and to be able to differentiate between truth and illusion?

Answer: In fact, all of us are found in a completely illusory world, and we are beginning to reach this understanding by studying the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

But how do we find the true world, the true image where we really dwell, and not this nature that we supposedly feel ourselves in now, this  alleged world—this is the problem. To do this we must study and engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah translates to reception, perception, and feeling. Our imaginary world, which is formed for us today through our very limited physical senses, splits and opens before us and we begin to see another world, which is the next level of human development.

Those people in whom is awakened a need to feel life in its true form and not remain in an illusion, generally come to the wisdom of Kabbalah and begin to study and become seriously involved with it.

But to develop new senses within us, we must go outside of ourselves, out from our present senses. So we were given the illusion that we are in this world so that it will seem that near us are people like us who yearn to attain their true state and the surrounding reality.

Going outside of ourselves means to begin to link, participate, and connect with people like us, such that our mutual integration with each other helps us to begin to feel what is outside of us instead of what is inside of us. Then we will begin to perceive the world that is outside of us and not what is inside of us.

This is our main task, which is implemented through a very simple law, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). It means that we begin to relate to others as we do to ourselves, and we look at the world through their feelings. This is what is called, “going out of yourself.”

The Kabbalists gave us a complete list of advice on how to attain the right connection between us, and through realizing that advice by working in an organized group, we reach a state within it in which each one of us feels the others and not himself.

In this way a person goes outside of himself into the others, he feels within them a higher state, and in this way they become detached from themselves and are integrated with him, they feel their higher state, and then each one of us begins to attain a new system of the structure of the world, what is found outside of him.

Along with this, all the limitations of the perception of this world disappear, and we begin to feel everything that is outside of us, and we reach this through new external senses, not the five physical senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.

The external senses are built such that a person is found above his desire, against his egoistic drive to soak up and absorb everything into himself. So then he acquires new characteristics, characteristics of bestowal, characteristics of love, characteristics that go outside of himself.

The new senses that are acquired by us are called the “soul” in which we feel the upper world, and we are no longer bothered by our limited perception. Then we begin to understand, attain, and feel everything that is truly happening with us and in all of creation.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/13/15

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The Safest Spot On The Face Of The Earth

laitman_960_1Question: After the beginning of the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, there was a large increase in emigration of Jews from there. Is the threat against the Jews who remained there something that is greater than it is for the rest of the citizens of these nations?

Answer: Without a doubt. As long as we don’t bring the method of union, the world will advance towards even greater separation more rapidly; it will be bad for the Jews everywhere.

Anti-Semitism and hatred will increase and no peaceful spot will remain in the world outside of Israel. And if we don’t begin to do something for the sake of connection and unity in Israel, Jews will travel away from here in search of a better place. But even in other places they won’t find anything. General unrest will begin.

Question: When there are conflicts and clashes in Israel, many young families with children travel from here to ensure the safety of their children, not because of economic considerations. Is this step justified?

Answer: I will answer with an example in my family. All of my close relatives arrived in Israel and from there traveled to Canada. Even before then, in the first years of the revolution, other relatives left Russia, emigrated to England, and have lived there ever since.

During my travels for lectures throughout the world, I have met with them more than once, as well as with the media and ordinary people, and I don’t see that people living abroad are happier, more cheerful and carefree. They have regular lives like everyone.

A person in Israel, even though he complains about everything, feels alive, inner changes happen within him, something within him is constantly turning around. He perceives all as his own, and in no other place in the world does he feel that he is living in his nation, whether good or bad, whether he hates or loves it.

So I don’t think we should leave here, even if you have some justification. Moreover, the same threat doesn’t exist here that would force us to leave.

Question: What about the national [Israeli] news when the media announce the beginning of some operation?

Answer: This is psychological pressure, no more than that. If we consider the last Intifada, that I hope is on the decline, how many people were wounded here in comparison to the number who were murdered in other countries in times of peace?

Comment: I have been thinking about this subject. I love this nation because one of the most important values here is the value of human life; it is much more valued here than in other nations.

Answer: If we were to change the atmosphere so that the connection between people would become good and warm, if people were to begin to feel that they were abandoning a big, united family, nobody would leave.
From the Webinar  1/13/16

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Immigrants, Angels Of Anti-Semitism

laitman_547_05Question: Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, said that anti-Semitism is a much wider phenomenon than she had thought and therefore we should actively resist it.

She believes that anti-Semitism was brought to Germany by immigrants that don’t like Israel and the Jews. Is this the problem?

Answer: This isn’t the problem. The world’s population isn’t happy with life and thus pressures the Jews who are merely 0.1% of the world population. Humanity sees them as the ones to blame for everything. This is a law of nature; it is spoken about in the books of  Kabbalah.  It has nothing to do with Mrs. Merkel.

Angels are forces of nature, and one of these forces is called anti-Semitism. It is very big, a massive, evil, direct force that is totally controlled by the Creator.

Just like the forces of nature, it operates in absolute accordance with the plan of creation in order to bring humanity to its correct form, which is achieved through reeducation from evil to goodness so that humanity will know what is evil and what is good. And then it will attain the depths of the universe. Humanity has to undergo all phases of its development, and it is the Jewish people that will lead it, a group of people who connected and came out of Babylon in order to advance.

If they fulfill their mission, the anti-Semitic force will gently pull them forward instead of pushing them from behind, pricking, hitting, and burning them. It will spread a red carpet before them so that they will advance and set a good example to the world of how humanity should unite with nature.

He is the reason that the Jews are to blame when humanity suffers, and in fact they are to blame for everything.

Question: Are the immigrants “angels” who help accelerate this process?

Answer: Of course, the immigrants are catalysts that push humanity forward. They fulfill their goal.

Question: Does that mean that they show the world that pressure has to be put on the Jews?

Answer: Absolutely. The perturbed humanity will show the Jews their place in the world.

The Jews will set an example of the right mutual relations and how to resemble nature. If this happens, all of nature and the upper force that manages everything will be revealed. Humanity will understand what it exists for and will begin to acquire its true, eternal, and whole form.

Question: Doesn’t it sound too arrogant that the world has to follow what the Jews do and to help them?

Answer: They will be happy to help. Just as they hate the Jews now and are ready to kill them, so will they love them and help them, because it is the law of nature.

We are also part of this law of nature, and in addition, we can hear from other nations that we are a special people, so how can seven billion people relate to ten million? It is only natural that they believe we are special, but for some reason they don’t envy us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/24/16

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About Men And Women In The Spiritual World

Laitman_632_2Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah relate to men and women? Is it according to gender, according to how they think, or is it something else?

Answer: Both men and women are the feminine receiving part relative to the Upper Light. In the spiritual world, a male (man) is someone who receives in order to bestow. Bestowal is the male part because we turn our female part into a male part and the female part continues to receive. A force that resists the ego, which is called a Masach (screen), is created as a result of spiritual development, and then the resistance is in the form of male or female regardless of one’s gender.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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New Life 667 – Control Over The Map Of Life

New Life 667 – Control Over The Map Of Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

How does the ego influence the system of connections between us? Why does increasing interdependence cause uncertainty about the future, and how does the wisdom of Kabbalah open us to the system of management of the world?

Unlike animals, we humans have a big ego. We want to control our lives. However, we are very much dependent upon many factors that influence us, for example, changes in the weather etc. In the past, we lived simply. Today, we are constantly chasing after the fulfillment of our desires and those of our children, and we are liable to be anxious. This makes the people of today unhappy, not relaxed, so the use of drugs is increasing in the world, while the national leaders are in great confusion and absolute uncertainty about the future.

All of this is due to the development of our ego. The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible for us to open the map of the world for ourselves and discover the system of management of our lives. The development of the ego is causing us to be more connected, so it is up to us to learn how to relate better with each other, to think about how there can be a good and secure future for all of us. Since we depend upon each other, if one suffers, everyone suffers.
From KabTV’s “A New Life 667 – Control Over The Map Of Life,” 12/29/15

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New Life 682 – What Is Kashrut?


New Life 682 – What Is Kashrut?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The issue of Kashrut is a major issue in Judaism, and the nation was built on it. What is Kashrut and why is it a good thing? The natural system operates on us through 613 forces and we are made of 613 forces that have to be compatible with the forces of nature. Performing a Mitzva (commandment) means a reconciliation between me and the forces that operate on me, and a person who performs a Mitzva is called a “Kosher” person.

The dietary laws of Kashrut are determined by upper roots, not according to the Turkish or British law. Every upper root has a branch in our world, taking a lamb and a pig, for example, there are such animals and there are also such internal attributes in a person. To split the hoof and to ruminate means to differentiate between right and left, between receiving and bestowal and not being filled directly.

The upper world is the upper system of nature and we have to be kosher, which means to be compatible and in harmony with it. When we feel how nature operates on us we call it “God,” and we can have a channel of communication with Him, a dialog. The clash with the forces of nature that operate on us leads to problems in life, while being adapted to them allows us to live in harmony, but since the destruction of the Temple, we have lost the adaptation and the connection with the upper system and are left with only external actions and signs. Other nations also have laws as to what is allowed and what is forbidden to eat, but not according to spiritual roots like in Judaism.

A person who corrects his desires according to the upper system begins to feel it and becomes a kosher person.
From KabTV’s “New Life 682 — What Is Kashruth?” 1/26/16

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