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laitman_960_1Question: After the beginning of the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, there was a large increase in emigration of Jews from there. Is the threat against the Jews who remained there something that is greater than it is for the rest of the citizens of these nations?

Answer: Without a doubt. As long as we don’t bring the method of union, the world will advance towards even greater separation more rapidly; it will be bad for the Jews everywhere.

Anti-Semitism and hatred will increase and no peaceful spot will remain in the world outside of Israel. And if we don’t begin to do something for the sake of connection and unity in Israel, Jews will travel away from here in search of a better place. But even in other places they won’t find anything. General unrest will begin.

Question: When there are conflicts and clashes in Israel, many young families with children travel from here to ensure the safety of their children, not because of economic considerations. Is this step justified?

Answer: I will answer with an example in my family. All of my close relatives arrived in Israel and from there traveled to Canada. Even before then, in the first years of the revolution, other relatives left Russia, emigrated to England, and have lived there ever since.

During my travels for lectures throughout the world, I have met with them more than once, as well as with the media and ordinary people, and I don’t see that people living abroad are happier, more cheerful and carefree. They have regular lives like everyone.

A person in Israel, even though he complains about everything, feels alive, inner changes happen within him, something within him is constantly turning around. He perceives all as his own, and in no other place in the world does he feel that he is living in his nation, whether good or bad, whether he hates or loves it.

So I don’t think we should leave here, even if you have some justification. Moreover, the same threat doesn’t exist here that would force us to leave.

Question: What about the national [Israeli] news when the media announce the beginning of some operation?

Answer: This is psychological pressure, no more than that. If we consider the last Intifada, that I hope is on the decline, how many people were wounded here in comparison to the number who were murdered in other countries in times of peace?

Comment: I have been thinking about this subject. I love this nation because one of the most important values here is the value of human life; it is much more valued here than in other nations.

Answer: If we were to change the atmosphere so that the connection between people would become good and warm, if people were to begin to feel that they were abandoning a big, united family, nobody would leave.
From the Webinar  1/13/16

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