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The OECD Report: Israel Has Become Poorer But The Israelis Are Happier

laitman_626Question: On January 31, 2016, the Secretary General of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Angel Gurria gave Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon a report regarding the economic situation in Israel.

Although the housing prices are rising and poverty increasing, Israelis feel happier. How can this paradox be explained?

Answer: Apparently for Israelis, happiness does not depend on money. In fact, the feeling of happiness doesn’t depend on whether you have an apartment or not. I believe that you can live and be happy in a Bedouin tent or a small room.

Comment: But the Israelis keep complaining.

Answer: I understand that they are complaining, but on the other hand, they buy more and more apartments every year even though housing prices are rising sharply. And the state is interested in that because it actually determines the price level by raising taxes. When a person buys an apartment, he pays the state, through the sellers, 40%-50% of the price and even more.

Moreover, I saw a TV program not too long ago where a fancy 5-room apartment that costs a million dollars, for example, could be bought on Arab territory for the price of $50,000, which is 20 times cheaper, although it is built of the same materials and is of the exact same standard. You can buy 20 flats of the same standard and even houses for the price of one flat that was bought in Israel, not too far from the center, at a distance of 50, 20, and even 10 kilometers from the center, as long as it is not under the jurisdiction of local laws.

Why is that so? Because such prices and inflated profit are common both among the builders and those who collect the taxes.

What can we do about that? Ask the state since it has determined the building policy. If the state had clearly determined the level of housing prices according to size or location, everything could certainly have been different. It is all in the hands of the state but they don’t take this matter seriously.

Question: Is feeling happy an Israeli quality?

Answer: Yes, basically we feel good. Despite the fact that no one loves us, everyone pressures us, etc., an Israeli who lives in the country, surrounded by others who are like him, with his army, and with its industry, feels good. His children can study in a university even if they have to work part-time since things aren’t always that simple, but they can still do it. There are still social elevators. Even people who were born and grew up in the periphery may, in a few years, attain high positions in the hi-tech industry and get very high salaries. I believe that Israel is still a land of opportunities.

It is a unique country with unique minds that will still “sell” their brains. Hi-tech is our future. We will live on it and everything else will disappear because there will be no need for it. We don’t even need agriculture because others can do that, but the brains cannot be transferred to others.

Our future is in hi-tech and good minds. This is enough in order to be the head of the world. It isn’t bad and not too little; we only have to use our mind correctly.

Question: What about the spiritual factor?

Answer: This is what I meant when I said that you have to know how to use your head. Besides, we have to provide the world with new technology as to the right development and how to build the right society in order to bring the world new technology and new techniques.

I believe that we will also discover that because what we have and no one else does is the wisdom of Kabbalah, which can show the whole world an example of unity, peace, and real happiness. Then the whole world will be happy just like Israelis are today.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/2/16

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France Will Recognize A Palestinian State

laitman_283_01Question: The French foreign minister Laurent Fabius announced that Paris will recognize a Palestinian state if the peace process in the Middle East doesn’t move from its frozen point soon. The government of Israel has rejected this peace initiative that has been put forth almost like an ultimatum.

Why does Paris have such a strong desire to support a Palestinian state at a time when it is itself experiencing Islamic terrorism?

Answer: This is not important. Even if all the nations of the world experience fear, humiliation, and pain from Islam, they will be anti-Jewish and not anti-Islamists because they feel that all the evil that happens in the world is specifically because of the Jews.

When we cannot connect between us and bring good to the world through that connection, we are supplying the world with the force of evil. We allow this force to develop and are not counterbalancing it with the force of goodness.

We are the conduit through which the higher force of goodness can descend into the world, providing the the proper balanced existence. As long as we have not begun to unite between us to become the conductor of this force in the world, humanity will feel more and more that we are the reason for all the troubles in the world.

It will not help us to think wisely and logically, saying to ourselves that Europe is now going to see what kind of situation the new extremist Islamic preachers are bringing to the world, etc. Europe will not see it, on the contrary, it will get along with them and try to rein them in a bit.

The incursion into Europe by millions of Muslims will continue, along with the entry of many militant extremist elements. But Europe will be more and more considerate to them and will hate us, not because we are good or bad to the Muslims, or because we are for or against their state, but because we are not bringing the power of goodness into the world. It is necessary to distinguish between these things.

Question: Does anyone understand this?

Answer: Nobody understands. The nations of the world act instinctively; they feel that the evil is due to us.

When we say: “Have we done something bad? Have we been carrying out acts of terrorism?”, they answer that the evil is due to us. They don’t know why.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that this is because we are not conveying goodness into the world through us! We need to be unified with “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), and through a connection like this between us, through us we will convey the good force that is found in nature and must be revealed in the world.

Question: Why has this task been specifically imposed upon us? In what way are we to blame?

Answer: We are not to blame for anything. We were chosen for this task and so we must do it.

“We” is the group of people who will convey the good and uniting force into the world the moment that they unite. It is only in this way that we will be able to ensure a good future for ourselves, and not in any other way.

I am happy that I am living in a generation like this in which events like these are happening. I hope that the people of Israel will understand what is written in the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the foundation of the people of Israel. This wisdom was discovered 6,000 years ago and we need to understand it because otherwise we could lapse into a new Holocaust.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/1/16

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Marijuana For Personal Use

laitman_623Comment: Member of the Knesset Sharan Haskel from the Likud submitted a bill to cease incriminating marijuana users in Israel. The legal amount, however, is limited to 15 seeds or 5 grams of marijuana for personal use and the penalty for the possession of a greater amount is a fine of 1,500 shekels.

Answer: Such restrictions are useless since no one can enforce them. I am sure the use of marijuana will be permitted everywhere and the infrastructure of drug dealing will decline and disappear.

Question: Will the state take this responsibility?

Answer: The state will not take responsibility for that, but will only allow the free consumption and growth, and that’s all. Anyone will be able to grow and consume marijuana, and thus many will seat peacefully at home and smoke.

The outcome of the technical revolution we are undergoing will be that the next generation will sit at home idle and 90% of the people will be redundant.

Then we will have to tell people about the meaning of life and gradually discourage them from using drugs. I believe that it is actually thanks to the use of marijuana that people will feel what a dark hole they are living in.

Question: Why will this lead to the question about the meaning of life?

Answer: Because a person will face a clear and sharp question: Do I want to cut myself off from this world and die while still young and healthy, or do I not want to cut myself off from the world but attain the upper world through it?

There are only two options: either to deteriorate or to ascend, and if that is the case, why would a person want to be tossed about on the level of this world?

Question: This means that he will lose interest in the corporeal world because he will see that there is nothing he can attain here, but how will he discover that there is an upper world?

Answer: It depends only on the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. But these questions will eventually come up.

I am absolutely sure that everything that happens is only in order to accelerate the development of humanity, so we shouldn’t ban or get rid of anything because it will not help. The only thing that can help is the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah and knowing how to attain the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/26/16

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New Life #645 – Ideological War

New Life #645 – Ideological War
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Where does Islamic ideology draw its strength; what kind of future does it offer the world, and what future can we offer the world in contrast to it, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

It is a deep and wide issue that began in the days of Abraham and his son Ishmael almost 4,000 years ago.

The Arabs see themselves related to ancient peoples who lived here, but historically, the fact is that there is no connection between them. They attach themselves holy people and holy places and tell the world that it is all Islam. They want to spread Islam all over the world and simply aim at bringing all of the people to believe in one God. They promise anyone who accepts Islam in this world Heaven, and this is the reason that they are not afraid to die. They plan to take over the entire world—including China, India, and Russia—and they have the patience to do so.

According to Kabbalistic sources, Islam will rise and almost conquer Christianity, but in the end, they will unite together against Israel. However, we have a stronger ideology, the wisdom of Kabbalah; if we connect to it, we will be saved from any affliction. There is no point arguing with anyone but only to connect to one another in love. Then, we will change everything through the upper force. Kabbalah will give us the inner power, and we will manage all like puppets on a string through the connection between us. Eventually, the ideology of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” which we must promote, will rule the world.
From KabTV’s “New Life #645 – Ideological War,” 11/8/15

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New Life #652 – The Solution To Terrorism In Europe

New Life #652 – The Solution to Terrorism in Europe
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazuz


What is the to overcome terrorism; how is it possible to achieve a true European Union, and how can each one of us contribute to the process of healing Europe?

Europe has filled itself with Muslim immigrants. It is too late now to stop the decline. Europe is old and tired, and not prepared to stand against the young and stirring Islamic spirit.

Only connection with each other can help them. Then, the power of connection will stop the forces of evil. No power except the power of connection can neutralize the religious wars that will be building in the world.

The European Union was not made from “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), but from the consideration of monetary interests. We need to begin to learn to connect within each and every nation first of all, and after that, it will expand.

It is worthwhile to do connection exercises: smile, be considerate, feel small and learn from others, and feel big and provide an example. The daily study of connection must be implemented by each and every person in educational institutions, at work, on television, and on the Internet.

Why will the improvement of relationships between people stop terrorism? It is because connection is stronger than separation.

The highest power in nature from which life is derived is the power of connection and life. This is what created everything.
From the KabTV’s “New Life #652 — The Solution To Terrorism In Europe,” 11/17/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.10.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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The Book of Zohar – Selected Excerpts, “Ascents and Descents on the Path”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Gatehouse of Intentions,” Item 107

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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