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Why Are There No Women Teachers In Kabbalah?

laitman_629_3Question: Why are there no women who are teachers in the modern wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: In ancient times, there were many women who were Kabbalists, like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Miriam, and so on. However, in the last 700 years, I cannot point to any woman who was on this level.

Question: But the wisdom of Kabbalah gives equal opportunity to all.

Answer: There was a time when there was no equal opportunity because Judaism was in darkness, in exile. True Judaism is derived from a yearning to attain and reveal the Creator, the desire to resemble Him—things that are attained through the connection between us. After the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (Temple), we were in darkness, in unfounded hatred, distant, and lacking the understanding of where we were. We performed mechanical actions without knowing why and how. Today, these actions are called Judaism.

We exchanged the true learning, the Light, for requirements completely devoid of Light and attainment of the upper world, for incomprehensible interpretations.

For 2,000 years, we were living in a period that was like the Middle Ages, and it has been only in the last twenty years that the wisdom of Kabbalah has begun to be revealed gradually. An identical program for men and women exists with us the Bnei Baruch group. Both of these groups study identical courses. It is clear that the entire world needs to know the system of connection; otherwise, we cannot survive. So, women must participate in this because women influence the men, and it is necessary to use this to awaken them.

A man is like a little child. He is interested in soccer and a few other things, whereas a woman looks more soberly at life. So, we want to see serious participation from women.
From the Talk at the Moscow Jewish Cultural Center, 11/24/15

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New Life 668 – Money And A Good Life

New Life 668 – Money And A Good Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Money symbolizes the covering force, which means that a person can take something on condition that he can pay for it. Unfortunately, we don’t regard nature this way and don’t pay for using it, so we pay a very high price later. It is the same when we treat or think about someone badly. By this, we harm him and so we must pay him compensation.

We all are living in a closed global system that is connected to all the other parts in the universe. So, if a person receives something from the world, he must pay for it; he must pay his debt and be balanced with all of mankind and with nature. A person who covers the debt of his existence in the world lives an ideal life, and no one can harm him.

Money can ensure our children a comfortable corporeal life, but not happiness; that happiness depends on our ability to acquire something eternal and stems from the recognition of the rule that manages reality. The goal of life is to break through everything that limits us and feel the whole world here and now. This balance brings a person to happiness, showing him his place in the bigger picture.
From KabTV’s “New Life 668 — Money And A Good Life,” 12/29/15

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New Life 681 – The Role Of The Three Religions


New Life 681 – The Role Of The Three Religions
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Part of humanity has a passive ego, like in the Far East, and the part that has a developed ego created the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The ego began to develop from Judaism in ancient Babylon. Abraham discovered the upper force and invited everyone to learn how to discover the upper force in the connection between them. The nation of Israel was united with the upper force until the destruction of the First Temple, until the connection of love between the children of Israel was ruined, and since then, Judaism has turned into a religion of external actions without the attainment of the Creator.

Popular Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three lines that are supposed to lead humanity forward and prepare it for the revelation of the Creator. Christianity has taught a big part of the world about the existence of the upper force and has assimilated concepts like prayer, reward and punishment, this world, the next world, and more.

Christianity even has developed culture, art, science, and higher education in universities. Later, Islam began to spread, and the Christian sages who underestimated the Sufi sages forced the Muslims to convert to Christianity by rape and by sword.

Today, Christianity is growing weaker and Islam is rising. Later, the two religions will unite against us Jews, and we will be forced to repent, which means to return to love of others and the revelation of the Creator between us. Then, the upper force will fight for us so that we will be able to change all of mankind for the better and spread love among everyone.

In fact, none of the religions actually engages in love of others and doesn’t set it as a goal, including Judaism. Only the wisdom of Kabbalah explains to humanity how to return to the connection between us and thus pull the entire world out of the crisis it is in. This is the correct meaning of being light unto the nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “New Life 681 – The Role Of The Three Religions,” 1/21/16

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