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Does A Woman Need A Group?

laitman_599_02Question: You have said that naturally there cannot be true friendship between women, why?

Answer: True friendship cannot be between men either. Their friendship is no different from childish friendship. Women don’t know how to be friends because they are individualistic; we see that in everyday life.

In the spiritual world, both men and women encounter the same problems and it makes no difference that women are more distant from a mutual connection between them than men who seem to find it easier to connect to one another, but it only seems so at first. But when women begin to build internal connections between them, they see that it isn’t that easy and so do the men. Therefore my advice is not to think that it is easier for men to perform spiritual corrections.

Question: Do women need a group?

Answer: Women need a group just like men do. In spirituality, women have to perform all the actions that a man performs: the same closeness, the same mutual guarantee between them. In the spiritual world it makes absolutely no difference which body you are in; think that you have no body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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An End To Competition

Laitman_001_02The desire to receive is the matter of creation. This desire develops on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature and undergoes different phases as a result of which more and more complex structures are formed. The elementary particles gather into atoms, the atoms are connected into molecules, and the molecules are connected into different materials: gases, liquids, solids, and plasma.

Later, the level of the vegetative formed including all its components. Here the organization and composition of matter is much more complex and unique since it develops, absorbs, emits, multiplies, etc. The animate level is even more complex.

Generally speaking, matter increasingly includes more different parts and is more complex. Different processes occur in it caused by internal software and also by the external influence of the environment.

Eventually there is the level of man, which in its development also undergoes the three earlier phases: the still, vegetative, and animate. Wisdom is developed, and desires for food, sex, a family, money, respect, and knowledge. Mankind develops emotionally and cognitively, and the main part of our development is in the relations between people, social development.

In addition to that, modern research indicates that we give up our cognitive development for the sake of social relations. This is because society generally emits and expels people who are too intelligent. They are humiliated because they stand in society’s way of feeling as one body. Society prefers people who are grey, simple…

Therefore, according to the software of nature, humanity has preferred to develop, not in a special emotional or cognitive way in the form of a large, unified, grey society, but one in which people are connected. This is what we are more attracted to while we don’t like, belittle, and reject everything that is not part of this standard framework. This is the way we evolve.

Eventually we reach a special stage in which global society becomes more or less homogeneous, and the point in the heart begins to awaken in many people—a new deficiency, a new desire. It is a special desire that is revealed according to the plan of creation, and there is nothing we can do about it. It isn’t a way to be above others on the same plane, not an addition of intellect, feelings, or any other talent. No, this point totally belongs to another world and therefore involves no competition with anyone as is customary in our world.

For ages impudent people who tried to stand out in society and to be above others were excommunicated because society usually doesn’t tolerate such people. But the point in the heart is a totally new urge. It doesn’t invoke competition against someone who doesn’t have that point; it opens a new world for everyone and on the whole doesn’t interrupt in anyway. Such people are called “Israel,” which means Yashar-El (straight to the Creator). They interact with one another, with others, and especially with the upper force in a different manner.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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New Life #508 – The Whole Truth About The Upper Force

New Life #508 – The Whole Truth About the Upper Force
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe.


There is an operating system surrounding the universe and the different forces of this system operate our world. Above these forces there is one force. The goal of our spiritual development is to get to know the upper force, to understand that it operates from inside us and speaks inside us.

All the Holy sources teach us how to discover the upper force. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that we shouldn’t blindly believe that this force exists, but should explore, study, and discover it by ourselves.

The great Kabbalists, who were very wise people that lived thousands of years ago; they developed many levels, and wrote books in which they encoded the inner secrets of the upper system. All these books actually teach us how to attain the upper force.

Today the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed, inviting everyone to learn how to develop his soul and get to know the upper force; it is the attribute of love and bestowal, the good and benevolent force. This is how the ancient Kabbalists actually broke through the borders of time and space and conveyed the message about the force of love and bestowal to us in the books written through “love thy friend as thyself.”
From KabTV’s “New Life #508 – The Whole Truth About The Upper Force,” 1/22/15

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New Life 684 – The Need To Criticize Others

New Life 684 – The Need To Criticize Others
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

It is natural to criticize others since we are all egoists. Each of us wants to be the king and to rule, and even in school we can already see who the critical and cunning kids are, qualities that accompany them in political positions and on an international level. The more a person’s ego grows, the more he feels distinct from others and the greater his criticism of others.

Today, social networks and the Internet enable a person to criticize everything and to say whatever is on his mind to let out steam. In the future, the ego will be even more complex, pride will grow, and very few in the world will behave differently. In ancient times, in the early days of humanity, the ego was collective, but as the ego developed more and more, each member of the tribe felt that he was separate. The sense of criticism developed in order to separate man from others to our current state when everyone hates everyone else.

A person attacks the one who criticizes him while allowing himself to criticize everyone else since he feels that he is the clever one who understands everything. On the next level of the development of the ego, a person will feel so distant from others that he will have nothing to do with them, not in commerce or in any other area. Each of us will sit alone in his home and only machines will do the work for us. People will not even engage in sports; everything will freeze.

There can be constructive criticism only toward someone we love, but today everyone hates everyone else, and when everyone feels isolated and lonely and the question of “what am I living for?” awakens in a person, the correction of the ego will follow.
From KabTV’s “New Life 684 – The Need To Criticize Others,” 2/2/16

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