Does A Woman Need A Group?

laitman_599_02Question: You have said that naturally there cannot be true friendship between women, why?

Answer: True friendship cannot be between men either. Their friendship is no different from childish friendship. Women don’t know how to be friends because they are individualistic; we see that in everyday life.

In the spiritual world, both men and women encounter the same problems and it makes no difference that women are more distant from a mutual connection between them than men who seem to find it easier to connect to one another, but it only seems so at first. But when women begin to build internal connections between them, they see that it isn’t that easy and so do the men. Therefore my advice is not to think that it is easier for men to perform spiritual corrections.

Question: Do women need a group?

Answer: Women need a group just like men do. In spirituality, women have to perform all the actions that a man performs: the same closeness, the same mutual guarantee between them. In the spiritual world it makes absolutely no difference which body you are in; think that you have no body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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  1. What is midrash? I looked at wiki it says post temple era.what is it?

  2. Well.. thank “God” for this post. Very true. Internal connections have nothing to do with gender…and they are definitely ” not ” very easily established. Really…and this is a true discernment that each of us must come to. It requires complete trust. Total trust means relinquishing control.. and that in the end is the lesson of the “group” Perhaps..just perhaps, woment have a bit more trouble relinquishing their territory because instinct (look at nature) gives them the role of protecting their own…whether their children, their home, or their envronment.. Many times they are forced to make pragmatic judjements which might restrict their ability to have total trust . However once they reach that point, and understand why they have reached it….there will be no stopping them…

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