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Cosmic Coffins

laitman_746_02Comment: Such a huge amount of debris has accumulated in space that scientists believe that it can be a cause for military conflicts between countries.

Answer: The origin of the waste is not clear. Maybe it’s military facilities, running all sorts of communication interference and so on. All this shows, we have not made any progress at all towards the goal of being human.

When we conduct archeological excavations and reveal layers, and we usually say that we have reached a cultural layer that includes broken shards, skeletons, and the rest that remained of the previous states, that is, everything that man has discarded and left behind him.

This is also what we do in space. Many objects have been sent to space. They say that they have already lost contact with dozens of military satellites, and they simply float in space. Soon we will not be able to fly into space. Therefore, when we look at our planet from the side, we can surely say that we have buried ourselves under our own cultural layer.

Comment: They say that space debris nears a trillion pieces of varying sizes.

Answer: They will float there for ages. Even when the Earth, on which the so-called “civilized humanity” lives, will no longer exist, this cultural layer will be suspended in space. The next generations, if they reappear on Earth, will be able to study us by digging into this cosmic garbage, our cultural layer.

Comment: According to these fragments, one can say that we are complete egoists who don’t care about the next generation.

Answer: People cannot agree on putting an end to all this. Man leaves behind him only dirt and ecological waste materials that harm the ecology, which are not part of nature’s cycle of natural organic waste materials.

Question: Why don’t we think about the next generations?

Answer: Because we are egoists, we cannot think about anything except perhaps a little about our children and grandchildren. Generally, we cannot think about anything or anyone. Our ego limits us to such an extent that it makes no difference how great or talented we are. We have reached a dead end, and it is a good thing. If we realize that we have come to it, we can actually rise from the deepest descent to a great leap. The wisdom of Kabbalah calls for this and promises us this. Let’s hope that it will be so.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/25/16

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We Are Building Our Spiritual Life Here!

laitman_528_01Question: How do we organize ourselves in a state of spiritual Ubar (Fetus), and the group as a uterus within which this Ubar develops?

Answer: It is up to us to build ourselves from nothing. The Creator brings me to a group and says to me that I must build my spiritual life here! Now, it is up to me to build myself as an Ubar and make a uterus out of the group. This is the only thing that is given to me.

It is up to me to build a society around myself that I will use as a uterus or an incubator, meaning that it will support me constantly and be an example for me, a standard for the higher level, the state of perfection. I will be able to exist within this environment on condition that I constantly open a connection that is directed more and more toward the higher perfect level.

It is up to me to build all of this by myself. After all, I am in a state where I have nothing. There is no Creator. There is only His essence, a force that I do not know. I must form all of this with my own hands.

Question: By what means do I build an environment for myself? Is it just by calling upon everyone to appreciate the property of bestowal?

Answer: There are many articles by Rabash that are dedicated to building the group. It is only necessary to fulfill his instructions and build it. However, I need to build myself in two forms. I build the higher level, the group, for myself, and I build the Ubar, the lower level, for the group.

The Ubar is all of us together. We lower and nullify ourselves, each of us in regard to the group, the friends. The Ubar is also our common co-creation. Through nullifying ourselves we can connect together.

The group is the higher level. It is also the commonality between us, but already in the form of bestowal. The more we love the group, elevating it, perceiving it as whole and great, the more we inflate it around us and can exist within it.

Both the Ubar and the uterus are built by the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), the Light that Reforms. However, our work on two opposite forms is required for this. Sometimes, it is directed downward toward nullifying the self. That is how we build the point of Malchut. Sometimes, it is directed upward for building the Keter. The Keter we build is linked to a higher level.

We are summarizing now everything that we have been learning for many years about the group. We have gone over those articles many times, but notice how many of these concepts have not succeeded in penetrating our hearts. We constantly hear about the structure of the group, but it still is difficult for us to digest these principles.

When we explain this to the general public, we must understand that they are much further away from these concepts. After all, we are very familiar with the spiritual states. There have been numerous spiritual changes that have happened within us and we still have not ascended the spiritual ladder.

The preparatory period before the first spiritual level is very long, but we are at its end. We just must understand that it is necessary to relate to the external public with love and understanding, giving them explanations drop by drop.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/14, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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A Mitzva (Commandment) Of Perfect Love

laitman_572_01The Zohar, “The Second Commandment,” item 198: The second Mitzva (commandment) is inseparably connected with the Mitzva of fear, and it is the Mitzva of love—for man to love his Creator with perfect love. What is perfect love? It is a great love, as it is written, “He walks before the Creator in complete sincerity and perfection” (Beresheet, 17:1).

There exists conditional love, which appears as a result of all the goodness received from the Creator (Introduction to The Study of Ten Sefirot, items 66-74), as a result of which man merges with the Creator with all his heart and soul. Yet, although he merges with the Creator in complete perfection, this love is considered imperfect.

Perfect love is the greatest, most inclusive upper commandment that Kabbalists tell us about, which is the major requirement with regard to all of creation that we must fulfill. This is the reason it is called a Mitzva.

In conditional love, the more I receive, the more I love the giver. It turns out that I don’t actually love him but the source from which all of the pleasures come. If this source of pleasure stops, I will lose the connection with this person or this force. This is called conditional love because it depends on my pleasure.

I depend on that love because I cannot differentiate myself from my pleasure, from the part in me that enjoys. I don’t split myself into two parts yet: into the donkey that enjoys and the human being who differentiates, sees, realizes, and feels that. The donkey and the human being are still connected. Therefore, if I feel good, I love the source of pleasure, and if I feel bad, I don’t love it.

This is the way we all love in this world, starting from small children who sometimes say that mommy is bad if she doesn’t do what they like. This is a natural, direct response of the ego and is natural for everyone with regard to everything in life. This kind of love is called conditional love, and therefore, it is imperfect. This is in accordance with the level of our development, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Of course, the more we develop, the more we will demand a more sublime love, not just some delicious food, some service, or some small pleasures, but more sublime and special feelings. However, this love still depends on receiving pleasure. It is with such love and from such love that we are born since we are a desire to receive; we are all like beasts, and this is where we start. This is the reason that we love what we enjoy, which means the source of the pleasure that we feel.

This requires much work, great effort, and a gift from above in order to begin to detach from the source of pleasure and connect to one’s inner essence. We should stop depending on receiving pleasure in our donkey and should prefer the actual source of pleasure, His qualities, not bringing direct benefit to me, but are valued for their own sake, at their source. It will be a love not conditional on what I get, but which depends only on what I identify by my impression of the sublime qualities of the source, on His special exaltedness as compared to everything that I can imagine.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/14

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Envy And Dignity Raise The Lazy From the Sofa

laitman_543_01Question: How can we clarify our desire for connection with the group more and more precisely?

Answer: The desire in itself will not be clarified, except through my effort. I must constantly bow down and look under my feet, trying to find additional desires, deficiencies, and problems. This is an unpleasant, uncomfortable process because it is directed against my ego.

A person is built physiologically like this so that he egoistically yearns for comfort and fulfillment. Hormones that cause joy and happiness spread through the body while I lie on the sofa, watch some silly but enjoyable movie, and eat something sweet and tasty. In this state, there is the maximum emission of the happiness hormone.

If we seek possibilities for advancing in the way of Achishena (I will hasten it), we need to be in a completely opposite state. I cannot lie down, but must work, attain, and acquire additional deficiencies. I must clarify what else I am missing. I constantly search for deficiencies as if I am searching for unpleasant things, and this is work.

How can I make this work easier for myself and not run away from it? After all, the body will always resist it, and so I must go along with the group. If I take obligations upon myself within a group and we work together, somehow I can fight against myself and do this. Otherwise, I cannot.

So, if you want to reduce the time and make it more useful and beneficial, advancing easily and pleasantly, you need to pull and obligate your body to work hard and in an unpleasant way instead of lying on the sofa and enjoying idleness. You can do this playing to your natural feelings of shame, envy, and honor, meaning you use the incentives inherent in the human and not the animal level.

An animal lies on the sofa, but to connect with others, I require human, not beastly, motives, meaning envy, lust, and honor that cause me to leap off the sofa. We must organize in a group in such a system. And if we don’t, then we simply are wasting time for nothing, and achieving and gaining nothing.

We must be somehow connected to the life of the world group. If there is no local group, then at least contact us and get some tasks. Be connected to the departments we have here. Otherwise, you won’t even notice how your beastly body always will draw you toward something comfortable and easy. You always will be satisfied, and it will seem that everything is okay to you, but advancement will be nil.
From the 2nd part for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/14, The Book of Zohar

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New Life 680 – Islam Is Taking Over Europe


New Life 680 – Islam Is Taking Over Europe
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazuz

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is written that, in the end of days, Islam will spread to Europe and everyone will unite against Israel. The immigrants of today, unlike in the past, are radical Muslims whose goal is to conquer Europe. Aging Europe is unable to contend with the young and radical Muslim force, and the governments in Europe are preventing the media from covering what truly is happening on the street.

Ultimately, everything is directed at us the Jews, as the goal is to awaken us to realize our purpose. However, the Jews in Europe aspire to assimilate into European culture, whereas the Muslims aspire to keep their identity and convert everyone to Islam at a time when European culture is collapsing and the European Union is on the way toward breaking apart.
From KabTV’s “New Life 680– Islam Is Taking Over Europe,” 1/21/16

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New Life 669 – Wired For Connection?

New Life 669 – Wired For Connection?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not involved with the study of brain phenomena. Rather, it is the desire that causes the phenomena, and everything is expressed in our emotions. In competition, for example, when we compete against each other, the intensity of emotion multiplies and reaches a peak. A loss in competition produces the strongest emotional reaction because it is a direct blow to one’s pride and self-esteem.

This reaction is stronger than in victory because the basic instinct is not to be harmed. Shared loss is less painful because the injury is distributed among others, and after all, misery loves company.

It would be interesting to conduct a study among people who study the wisdom of Kabbalah regarding their attitude toward members of the group under conditions of victory or loss. Human nature is egoistic so one only enjoys someone else’s loss and one’s own betterment. These values can be changed with the environment through education; the environment influences us the most. The height of human development is the general state of love where everyone feels as if they are a single system.
From KabTV’s “New Life 669 – Wired For Connection?” 12/31/15

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