Envy And Dignity Raise The Lazy From the Sofa

laitman_543_01Question: How can we clarify our desire for connection with the group more and more precisely?

Answer: The desire in itself will not be clarified, except through my effort. I must constantly bow down and look under my feet, trying to find additional desires, deficiencies, and problems. This is an unpleasant, uncomfortable process because it is directed against my ego.

A person is built physiologically like this so that he egoistically yearns for comfort and fulfillment. Hormones that cause joy and happiness spread through the body while I lie on the sofa, watch some silly but enjoyable movie, and eat something sweet and tasty. In this state, there is the maximum emission of the happiness hormone.

If we seek possibilities for advancing in the way of Achishena (I will hasten it), we need to be in a completely opposite state. I cannot lie down, but must work, attain, and acquire additional deficiencies. I must clarify what else I am missing. I constantly search for deficiencies as if I am searching for unpleasant things, and this is work.

How can I make this work easier for myself and not run away from it? After all, the body will always resist it, and so I must go along with the group. If I take obligations upon myself within a group and we work together, somehow I can fight against myself and do this. Otherwise, I cannot.

So, if you want to reduce the time and make it more useful and beneficial, advancing easily and pleasantly, you need to pull and obligate your body to work hard and in an unpleasant way instead of lying on the sofa and enjoying idleness. You can do this playing to your natural feelings of shame, envy, and honor, meaning you use the incentives inherent in the human and not the animal level.

An animal lies on the sofa, but to connect with others, I require human, not beastly, motives, meaning envy, lust, and honor that cause me to leap off the sofa. We must organize in a group in such a system. And if we don’t, then we simply are wasting time for nothing, and achieving and gaining nothing.

We must be somehow connected to the life of the world group. If there is no local group, then at least contact us and get some tasks. Be connected to the departments we have here. Otherwise, you won’t even notice how your beastly body always will draw you toward something comfortable and easy. You always will be satisfied, and it will seem that everything is okay to you, but advancement will be nil.
From the 2nd part for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/14, The Book of Zohar

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