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Syria – Negotiate With Terrorists?

laitman_600_02Question: Delegates from more than twenty countries—including the Syrian opposition, delegates of President Assad, and of course delegates from Russia and the US—are taking part at the peace talks in Geneva about the situation in Syria.

The delegates of the Syrian opposition are members of different terrorist organizations who have changed their military uniforms and arrived in suits.

Is it possible to hold negotiations with terrorists, and is it possible to reach an agreement with them?

Answer: I don’t think it is possible. Maybe an agreement can be reached today, but we all know that such agreements are never kept and are not relevant for very long. They always dissolve and lead to new problems.

I think that because there are a lot of certain major powers, the most important thing is to establish some balance between them , to divide zones of influence. Bringing them to a common denominator is impossible, and there is actually no need to do so since you may reach an agreement today which may not be kept the next day.

Each party must be given its “piece” and told: “This is where you are in command, this is where you live, and don’t count on more than that.” It seems that this is the only way that we can bring the world to relative quiet state where we aren’t seeing dozens, hundreds, and even thousands killed anymore, or a multitude of refugees leaving their homeland, not knowing where they are headed and what to do.

We see cities destroyed, non-operational factories, and so forth. It will take decades to rebuild Syria and make it a normal country under rigid dictatorial control. Therefore, the security forces should engage in restoration, each in its own field. This is my advice.

Syria will be divided into regions that will receive different names. In the past, this region was part of the Ottoman Empire under British mandate. Syria is not an ancient country that has existed for ages; it is only a few decades old so it could be divided into new countries.

The Kurds are also in need of their own state. They are a huge nation and have no territory of their own, so they will require it.

Until each of the rivals has his own land and home, nothing will be resolved since it must be done according to the order that each party wants to have in its area. They need to divide and post international observers from Russia and the US in order to curb what is happening today. This is the reason they must begin rebuilding this region!

Question: Will such curbing suffice in the long run?

Answer: It depends on the agreement between the superpowers since they can calm things down and punish or pressure the local ego, but Syria will not be able to unite unless their people are reeducated. If they aren’t reeducated, it will be an endless struggle, and the world also is advancing toward a war that will soon break out.

Question: You always speak about the need to unite, which means that we must advance toward that in any case.

Answer: Of course, we must advance toward unity, but first we must at least bring some order to this small region.

I do not think the superpowers are interested in this arrangement because each pulls out chestnuts from the fire for itself. Each superpower is only after its own goals. The Americans are ruining the Middle East and the entire world in general, creating chaos. Russia wants to rebuild its military bases and establish regimes that are suitable for it.

It seems that both Russia and the US have lost big in the battle with Iran, but they still don’t understand what they have done there.

Everything is advancing toward the big battle.  Or things can be different, and they may sober up and realize that if they don’t, everything will come to an end and get out of hand. Then there will be nothing to figure out, who is right and who is to blame, since no one on either side will be left to do so. Therefore, it is reaching such a critical condition, they will come to their senses and begin to reorganize things and shape the world.

Question: Is it possible to avoid this critical revolution?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is always the option of a third nuclear world war and even a fourth one, and there are about twenty countries in the world that have nuclear weapons.

Question: Will we need to reveal that in practice?

Answer: No, they may understand that they are starting something that will bring the end of the world, or they may use such weapons in the short-run and in a limited manner. And then they will be convinced that it is impossible to continue, because the next volley will have on each other. If they bomb a third country, it is a different matter, but I doubt that they will want to bomb each other. A war is conducted in order to win or in order to defend one’s self, but if they destroy each other, there will be nothing to defend and no winner left on either side.

Our egoism must feel this reality. It must cry out so that the world will come to its senses and discover the rules that it follows, how nature pushes us to the recognition of evil, to the recognition of egoism! But when we will do so is not clear. It depends on our connection to one another.

We are those who engage in the method of unity, the Kabbalists. If we are strongly connected to each other and turn ourselves into the right conductor of the Upper Light into our world, the world gradually will feel that. We indeed are trying to do so, and I believe that there are many signs in the world of our influence, but it is not enough. Let’s hope for the best.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/2/16

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New Life 562 – The Root Of Racism

New Life 562 – The Root of Racism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The differences in skin color are deeply rooted in nature: black, white, yellow, and red. The problem of racism cannot be resolved because it is deeply rooted in human consciousness.

All we can do is a thorough treatment and to educate to “love thy friend as thyself” with the power of the Light that Reforms, because our ego naturally wants to be above others and to feel that it is unique and exalted.

There are four phases in the evolution of matter, and therefore there are four colors of mankind: white, black, yellow, and red. This division into four parts exists in every detail and is the general formula of the creation, י-ה-ו-ה (Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey). Therefore, it is impossible to relate to everyone equally but only to ascend to our one common root. It is like a mother who has four children, white, black, yellow, and red, all hers and all of whom were generated from her.

A person looks at someone who is different from him and feels a distinction. No ordinary education or legislation can solve that. Modern development occurred first among the white people and then the yellow, red, and finally black. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other; it is simply the order of development.

So in egoistic human history, white man has always dominated others and was aloof. They tried to correct the negative attitude toward blacks in the US and have invested a lot, but eventually we all see that it explodes in our face. The only solution is to raise man above his body, above his heart and mind, above earthliness and materialism. Then man acquires a new spiritual perception and sees others according to their spiritual attributes.

The only solution is to raise man to our common root, to the level on which there are no differences or distinctions. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides a person with values of bestowal and new attributes that can pull a person out of himself and toward others. “Love thy friend as thyself” is the only thing that totally eliminates racism. There is no other solution!
From KabTV’s “New Life 562 – The Root of Racism,” 5/5/15

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New Life #639 – Natural Disasters

New Life #639 – Natural Disasters
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Why does nature go wild sometimes? It isn’t that nature goes wild but that we disrupt the balance of the system.

Until the middle of the 20th century, we more or less kept the balance, but since then we have destroyed our planet. Everything contains poisonous materials that contaminate and destroy everything only in order to make a greater profit.

Nature is totally round and connected and we humans also have to be harmoniously connected to one another. Our planet can feed even tens of billions of people if the relations between us are good. In order to do so, we have to make sure that everyone feels good and agrees to give up everything that is excessive.

Israel is about to undergo more qualitative blows in the form of hatred and pressure from all over, which will bring us closer to connection.

Human thoughts are also part of nature, and good thoughts about others balance the system. We can learn to spur the force that balances nature by studying the principles of “Don’t do unto others what is hateful to you” and “Love thy friend as thyself.”

Farmers in the Negev say that the Negev can become a greenhouse that can feed all of Europe.
From KabTV’s “New Life #639 – Natural Disasters,” 10/27/16

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