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Secretary-General Of The UN Speaks In Favor Of Terrorism

laitman_552_03Comment: Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-Moon in his appearance before the members of the Security Council said that what is called the “occupied territories” in Israel are an incubator for hatred and extremism. He said that the despair of the Palestinians is increasing under the oppression of the Israeli occupation and therefore their reaction is a natural reaction that is typical of human nature.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded sharply that Ban Ki-Moon is behaving with forgiveness towards terrorism and that UN has long lost its neutrality and moral fortitude.

Answer: The fact that the UN lost its mission is natural; it not an organization of united nations, but an organization of separate nations. Ban Ki-Moon cannot be a protector, not only of Israel, because the internal state he is a born with is “anti.” This is inherent in human nature. He is constantly irritable and nervous about the fact that there is a state and a nation of Israel.

During all the years of the existence of the UN, and especially during the years of his tenure as Secretary-General of the UN, this organization has turned into a circus. For some time now we haven’t paid attention to it, regarding what is said there as unimportant. Newspapers, of course, publish the news about it because this forum is considered to be international, but really it is not a forum. These are people who don’t listen to each other; each speaks his piece and acts only on this basis. Nobody has taken this organization seriously for quite some time now.

I don’t think that we need to give it any special attention. The Israeli Prime Minister is absolutely right. The Secretary-General needs to be straightened up a bit so he gets a sense of reality; after all, he stands at the head an organization that should unite the nations—the United Nations!

In order to become such, we need to change, and the secretary-general and the whole organization need to. While it attracts politicians who only try to wound and humiliate each other, nothing will come of it.

I would invite Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to our convention in late February to show him how people can unite. He would see how thousands of people arrive from all over the world for a few days at their own expense, taking time from their jobs and their families, to engage in unity between them. Moreover, these people are from all nationalities and races that exist in the world!

There are two million people in the world who are engaged by our system, an educational system for unity and connection between people.

I think the United Nations should explore this system, and perhaps, even apply it.  Then it would really look different and would not lose its value in the eyes of people from year to year, especially in the catastrophic situation that the UN has reached under the leadership of the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon.

It is worth to come and see how we do it, Mr. Secretary-General!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/27/16

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An Old State, But On A Larger Scale

laitman_236_02Where can we find spiritual deficiencies for love and bestowal? They are not found in this wide world, but only in the group and Kabbalah books, in means for spiritual advancement. Thus, I shorten the way quantitatively and qualitatively: I advance and make sure I have new vessels. This is called the path of “I shall hasten it” (Achishena) in which I build my deficiencies by myself, make sure my desire is made of the right components, and thus implement the goal.

On the other hand, by advancing in its time (Beito), I must build up a deficiency for a long time by clarifying exactly why it must be that way and by which means I can fulfill it. I must know its complete character and form while I have no yearning for it and am in a state of a descent, not feeling any attraction to spirituality. That’s the way it will be until different problems come my way from external sources that will push me forward by suffering. This is the only way that I can be motivated since I am detached from spirituality.

When I am given a state of descent and feel in spiritual darkness, I don’t lose the connection with the group, the teacher, or the source. I may not even feel the darkness, but simply operate automatically like a beast, as of yore. In this state, I can be awakened only by suffering, so I am sent some trouble related to the family, making a living, or health.

Then, I begin to run around in order to take care of the problems, and if I am not connected to the group and the teacher, I can spend my entire life in this endless struggle. However, if I prepare such a connection in advance—coming to the lessons regularly, to the meetings of friends, and participating in dissemination activities organized by the group—I gradually receive the right awakening from the Surrounding Light and understand that these are not external problems but that they come from the upper management. Everything comes from only one source: all of the confusions and all of the discomforts in life are caused only because I haven’t tightened my connection to the ultimate goal enough and have not looked for it myself.

I must organize my life so that I will behave like an old man who bent over constantly looking for something he dropped. This is how I need to move forward, looking down at my feet checking if something is lost: I can make a deeper and more complex deficiency than the desire that now lays at my base and operates me.

Every level is built on the previous level, and our perception grows and becomes ten times sharper in the sensitivity of the vessels and in clarifying them. If I perceive one hundred different discernments on one level, I discern ten times more on the next level, which means a thousand discernments, and on the next level, ten thousand discernments. It is the same desire, but it simply becomes finer and more complex. I suddenly identify details on a larger scale with greater perception in it and increasingly more discernments.

The development is due to the multiplication of qualities, rather than power. The power in the spiritual world is determined by the number of distinct pieces for each impression, sensation. This is what our advancement depends on. The main thing is to be constantly involved in practical work, studies, and actions that awaken a desire to seek spiritual properties, more sublime values. Through this approach, I turn from the path of natural development, in its time, to the path of light, the acceleration time. Then I will not need to waste my life in vain hopes and I’ll advance quickly and easily.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/14

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The Struggle With Terrorism – A Postponement Of Death

laitman_272Question: Recently, Israel suffered another terrorist attack: a 24-year-old Israeli woman was murdered in the Beit Horon settlement not far from Jerusalem. This was the third terrorist act in the area of Israeli settlements in Judaea and Shomron recently. Two weeks earlier, a mother of six children was murdered by terrorists, the next day a pregnant woman was wounded, and now there is another tragedy in Beit Horon.

The latest terrorist attacks have provoked a storm of reactions. There is an opinion among the public that firearms should be distributed to all Israeli citizens who are able to carry them. What is your opinion?

Answer: I think that it is necessary to teach the residents how to use a weapon. Most of the citizens in Israel who served in the army know how to handle them. They need to go through a short training and could carry a weapon for the protection of everyone.

Comment: Despite international public opinion, there are those who propose killing terrorists on the spot instead of trying to catch them and hand them over to the police .

Answer: This is correct. There is a law written in the Torah that if someone falls upon you and wants to kill you, you must act ahead of the attacker and kill him first without bringing him to a court. That is the law of the Torah, so why do we need to comply with the laws of the British Mandate or Turkey? Don’t we have the right to defend ourselves from murderers?

Question: What is your opinion about the proposal to destroy the homes of terrorists and the expulsion of their families?

Answer: This is a retaliatory act with great influence since a home is very dear to a person, and if he knows that his family is liable to be left without a roof over their head, he will think twice about whether it is worthwhile for him to become a terrorist and join Daesh. After all, these acts of terrorism are organized by Daesh.

Question: It seems that the Arabs are not afraid of anything anymore if children of the age of 13-15 are taking knives and going out to murder. How is it possible to combat this?

Answer: I would suggest cutting all the propaganda of Daesh in the territory of Israel by every means possible, blocking it from coming through the smartphones, the Internet, television stations, cable, and satellites. Daesh is organizing powerful propaganda so we must take strict measures against them.

The ideology of Daesh penetrates the Arab territories through the media and directs the children to murder Jews. So we must cleanse the nation of all terrorist propaganda; in this way we will deprive them of the opportunity of seeing, hearing, and in general, being in any kind of link with Daesh.

Question: What is to be done about the fact that the people have already become accustomed to repeated acts of terrorism and have become insensitive to it?

Answer: We are not talking about the psychology of the common citizen, but about measures taken by the government, the actions that the police and the army must perform to prevent acts of terrorism.

Although we have become used to hearing about fatalities from traffic accidents, about those who have been wounded or killed by terrorists, this doesn’t mean that we must accept the situation; rather, we must examine the means that the government is taking. If terrorism has become a regular phenomenon, it means that the government is not combating it effectively and is not performing its obligations towards the citizens of the nation.

What are the Communications Minister, the Defense Minister, and the Interior Minister doing? They must act; after all, we are found in a state of war. This is an internal war that is being waged on the territory of Israel. We are not talking about what is happening beyond our borders.

It is frightening to think about what would happen if an external war were to be added to the internal war. Do you know how many weapons the Arabs who are living in Israel possess? So we cannot wait and must act—he who hesitates is lost.

Question: Besides the necessary actions to block the terrorist propaganda through the media and providing security for the residents, what meaningful solution would you suggest for eliminating terrorism?

Answer: The people of Israel must stop this evil in its higher spiritual root. After all, it is said: “No calamity comes into the world except for the sake of Israel” (Talmud Bavli, “Yevamot” 63a), and Israel is not carrying out its mission; this is apparently the reason for the tragedies that are happening in our world.

We must do what is incumbent upon us and carry out a correction at the root of the forces of good and evil that operate in the world, stopping and reining in the spread of the force of evil in our world and counterbalancing it through the good force. In the meantime, the evil force is only continuing to become more powerful and is suppressing the good force until it is almost not visible.

Question: If we can influence the evil force at its root, then why do we have all the rest of the actions for combating terrorism?

Answer: We must do everything that is in our power, both on the physical level and on the spiritual level. We will not be able to instantly awaken all the people of Israel and unite them completely so that we can attract the good force into this world to the degree that it will be ready to neutralize the power of evil. This requires time, and in the meantime we need the police and the army, public education in handling firearms, distributing weapons, and blocking the propaganda of Daesh. Thus we also counteract the forces of evil.

Simultaneously, it is up to us to begin the work of unifying the people. If the government were to help us organize this so that we would have the opportunity to explain how it is possible to have an effect on the evil forces in nature by cutting them off at their root to the entire population, we could succeed without any further actions.

But in the meantime we are forced to act on our own. For example, we invited the Foreign Minister of Sweden to our international Kabbalah convention, which will be held on February 23-25 at the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv. We are investing all of our efforts in awakening the people to correction, and we hope to succeed with this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/26/16

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China Will Help The Palestinians

laitman_559Question: The president of China,Xi Jinping announced that China will support the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem. Likewise, China granted thirty million dollars to the victims of the war as humanitarian aid, seven million dollars in support of the Palestinian state, and three-hundred million dollars to strengthen the rule of law.

It seems that the world essentially is beginning to accept the Palestinian state, and with China joining, it will become a serious power.

Answer: What choice remains for China? It must follow the other nations. When America, Russia, and the rest of the nations support something, China goes along with them. It cannot allow itself to be in opposition, even though it derives no benefit from this. Although every nation looks to what will be profitable for it, the current international situation obligates China to act practically.

Question: In your opinion, will Israel recognize a Palestinian state?

Answer: It depends on us, on how we behave, not on the policy of our government.

We don’t need to think about whether a Palestinian state will be established or not, rather how to rise to the next level of development and show the world the way.

As soon as we do this, the world will begin to support us and follow us. It doesn’t matter in which geographic area. It is important that the world will begin to see the next stage of its development, which is unity, harmony, and connection between everyone as nature teaches us. So, there is nowhere for us to run. We must reach this.

Question: Must this process specifically begin with the Jews?

Answer: Yes, if we begin to bring the positive force into the world, it will change the way people think, open new horizons to them, and through our world, people will begin to see the next stage of human development and understand what the structure of the world, the economy, the society, and the nation must be. If this would happen, then we would have no fear about whether there will be a nation or not.

Everything will work out so that the Upper Light will pass into this world through us, and then Israel will be a respected and important part of the world community because it is only through us that the ideology and power of the new generation can move into the world, with whose help it is possible to realize this.

The Jewish people have a unique mission that is written in The Book of Zohar, and today it is being revealed to the world. All of us together, the Jews and all the rest of the nations of the world, must realize this mission together. So, let’s reveal it and see how it must be done, so nature won’t force us to this through negative forces.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/22/16

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New Life 679 – Transforming Into People Of Light


New Life 679 – Transforming Into People Of Light
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

To understand what Torah and Mitzvot (commandments) are from a spiritual aspect, we must disengage the subject from our previous knowledge. Kabbalah explains that the entire substance of creation is egoistic, the desire to receive, exist, and enjoy. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us a unique method for developing the “speaking” level, the level of Adam (from Domeh – similar), that is similar to the upper force through using the positive force to correct the negative in us, and this is called “studying Torah.”

The desire to receive is comprised of 613 desires—248 are more refined and 365 are denser—and with correction of the desires, a person becomes a person of Light, a person of bestowal and love. Our development brings us to the understanding that the ego is destroying us, the recognition of evil, which leads to correction.

Since the intention to act for the good of others is concealed, it is impossible to know with what intent a person is acting. When we work in a group according to the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the 613 desires that we must correct are gradually revealed in us, and to identify these 613 desires within us and correct them, we must attract 613 Lights on us. In the beginning we identify only one egoistic desire, and after that we clarify the rest of the details.

Like a drop of semen that enters the uterus and develops into a fetus, the person also enters a special group and grows in it, and through communication with a group according to the special method, a sense develops in him that identifies the desire to bestow. The 613 Mitzvot are the 613 desires, each one of which, we must work with for the sake of others, with the intention of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “ New Life 679 – Transforming Into People Of Light,” 1/19/16

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New Life 678 – 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) And The Perception Of Reality

New Life 678 – 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) And The Perception Of Reality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

There are forces underlying reality that even precede the creation of the elementary particles. A scientist cannot perceive forces that exist before matter while a Kabbalist, who is changing his perception of reality, can. In studying the forces before the creation of matter, we find answers for the purpose of our existence and its goal.

First, there was Light, one upper force, that wanted to bestow and created darkness, which is the desire to receive its abundance. Light and darkness—the desire to bestow and the desire to receive—are two attributes that created five worlds through connecting.

Our world was created so that man would feel that he is not satisfied by the force of receiving alone and wants to bestow also. Today as we develop, we see that the ego is a destructive force, and therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to teach us how to summon the positive force, the force that is awakened by special relationship exercises between us that draw the Light that Reforms to us.

The ego is built on 613 internal levels in a person; they are 613 desires that we must correct from receiving to bestowal. Through the desires that are corrected to bestowal, we begin to perceive the upper world, which is the network of forces that operates on our world and controls every detail in it.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, observing the Torah and the Mitzvot refers to the correction of the 613 egoistic desires through the power of the Light.
From KabTV’s “New Life 678 — 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) And The Perception Of Reality,” 1/19/16

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