An Old State, But On A Larger Scale

laitman_236_02Where can we find spiritual deficiencies for love and bestowal? They are not found in this wide world, but only in the group and Kabbalah books, in means for spiritual advancement. Thus, I shorten the way quantitatively and qualitatively: I advance and make sure I have new vessels. This is called the path of “I shall hasten it” (Achishena) in which I build my deficiencies by myself, make sure my desire is made of the right components, and thus implement the goal.

On the other hand, by advancing in its time (Beito), I must build up a deficiency for a long time by clarifying exactly why it must be that way and by which means I can fulfill it. I must know its complete character and form while I have no yearning for it and am in a state of a descent, not feeling any attraction to spirituality. That’s the way it will be until different problems come my way from external sources that will push me forward by suffering. This is the only way that I can be motivated since I am detached from spirituality.

When I am given a state of descent and feel in spiritual darkness, I don’t lose the connection with the group, the teacher, or the source. I may not even feel the darkness, but simply operate automatically like a beast, as of yore. In this state, I can be awakened only by suffering, so I am sent some trouble related to the family, making a living, or health.

Then, I begin to run around in order to take care of the problems, and if I am not connected to the group and the teacher, I can spend my entire life in this endless struggle. However, if I prepare such a connection in advance—coming to the lessons regularly, to the meetings of friends, and participating in dissemination activities organized by the group—I gradually receive the right awakening from the Surrounding Light and understand that these are not external problems but that they come from the upper management. Everything comes from only one source: all of the confusions and all of the discomforts in life are caused only because I haven’t tightened my connection to the ultimate goal enough and have not looked for it myself.

I must organize my life so that I will behave like an old man who bent over constantly looking for something he dropped. This is how I need to move forward, looking down at my feet checking if something is lost: I can make a deeper and more complex deficiency than the desire that now lays at my base and operates me.

Every level is built on the previous level, and our perception grows and becomes ten times sharper in the sensitivity of the vessels and in clarifying them. If I perceive one hundred different discernments on one level, I discern ten times more on the next level, which means a thousand discernments, and on the next level, ten thousand discernments. It is the same desire, but it simply becomes finer and more complex. I suddenly identify details on a larger scale with greater perception in it and increasingly more discernments.

The development is due to the multiplication of qualities, rather than power. The power in the spiritual world is determined by the number of distinct pieces for each impression, sensation. This is what our advancement depends on. The main thing is to be constantly involved in practical work, studies, and actions that awaken a desire to seek spiritual properties, more sublime values. Through this approach, I turn from the path of natural development, in its time, to the path of light, the acceleration time. Then I will not need to waste my life in vain hopes and I’ll advance quickly and easily.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/14

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