Secretary-General Of The UN Speaks In Favor Of Terrorism

laitman_552_03Comment: Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-Moon in his appearance before the members of the Security Council said that what is called the “occupied territories” in Israel are an incubator for hatred and extremism. He said that the despair of the Palestinians is increasing under the oppression of the Israeli occupation and therefore their reaction is a natural reaction that is typical of human nature.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded sharply that Ban Ki-Moon is behaving with forgiveness towards terrorism and that UN has long lost its neutrality and moral fortitude.

Answer: The fact that the UN lost its mission is natural; it not an organization of united nations, but an organization of separate nations. Ban Ki-Moon cannot be a protector, not only of Israel, because the internal state he is a born with is “anti.” This is inherent in human nature. He is constantly irritable and nervous about the fact that there is a state and a nation of Israel.

During all the years of the existence of the UN, and especially during the years of his tenure as Secretary-General of the UN, this organization has turned into a circus. For some time now we haven’t paid attention to it, regarding what is said there as unimportant. Newspapers, of course, publish the news about it because this forum is considered to be international, but really it is not a forum. These are people who don’t listen to each other; each speaks his piece and acts only on this basis. Nobody has taken this organization seriously for quite some time now.

I don’t think that we need to give it any special attention. The Israeli Prime Minister is absolutely right. The Secretary-General needs to be straightened up a bit so he gets a sense of reality; after all, he stands at the head an organization that should unite the nations—the United Nations!

In order to become such, we need to change, and the secretary-general and the whole organization need to. While it attracts politicians who only try to wound and humiliate each other, nothing will come of it.

I would invite Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to our convention in late February to show him how people can unite. He would see how thousands of people arrive from all over the world for a few days at their own expense, taking time from their jobs and their families, to engage in unity between them. Moreover, these people are from all nationalities and races that exist in the world!

There are two million people in the world who are engaged by our system, an educational system for unity and connection between people.

I think the United Nations should explore this system, and perhaps, even apply it.  Then it would really look different and would not lose its value in the eyes of people from year to year, especially in the catastrophic situation that the UN has reached under the leadership of the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon.

It is worth to come and see how we do it, Mr. Secretary-General!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/27/16

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One Comment

  1. There is a lot of confusion about this issue that I wish you could clear up. I support Israel’s existence, but I also sympathize with people in the West Bank and Gaza if they are stuck in a state of limbo. Does Israel consider these areas to be part of Israel? If so, are babies born there considered Israeli citizens?

    Israel needs to completely and definitively take over these areas and either kick the people there out or absorb them into Israeli society. If it is unable to do this, Israel needs to concede that these areas are not part of Israel.

    Perhaps I am naive or misinformed. If so, please educate me and others about the real situation.

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