The Blood Libel Of The United Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexander Shoihet): “A United Nations report says that Israel has committed war crimes. This is a modern blood libel against Israel by the United Nations. In fact, all of the meetings of the United Nations consist of false accusations against Israel ‘committing genocide, apartheid and crimes against humanity.’

“The new report by the United Nations Commission rejects the right of Israel to self-defense. Only last year this society of anti-Semites called the United Nations, accepted 20 resolutions condemning Israel, and not even one against other nations in the Middle East. The United Nations is a world organization for ‘human rights’ in which Iran is a member of the committee for equal rights for women, Sudan oversees the preservation of human rights, Syria is at the head of the Human Rights Committee, in which Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia are also members! That is the United Nations.

“Why is Israel a member of this Nazi and anti-Semitic snake pit, why does it need to listen to all of this abomination, justify its actions to defend itself, and further pay a lot of money for this despicable assembly? Do we have so little respect for ourselves that we are still prepared to expect benevolence from these students and disciples of Hitler and Goebbels?”

My Comment: The United Nations is held out to be the representative of all the nations of the world that openly say to our face that we are to blame for all human disasters! And they are right! Our Torah tells us the same thing; all disasters come into the world only as a result of the actions of Israel.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how through our unity, we must correct our negative and harmful influence on the world. The choice of the future world lies only in our hands, and so the accusations against us are justified. The nations of the world have no possibility of correcting the world and they express this openly with their accusations against the Jews.

It is up to us to explain within the United Nations, how all of us will jointly correct the world through applying pressure on the Jews and by helping them do so. In this way, hatred towards the Jews will force them to unite. So it is possible to say (jokingly) that the United Nations deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for “establishing peace among the Jews!”

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