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The Method Of Good Connection

laitman_214You and I are living in a special time when the world is beginning to feel more and more united. The only problem is that these connections are negative rather than positive. Meanwhile, we feel our complete dependence on each other, which is beginning to worry and irritate everyone.

If the dependence is not a kind one, then such connection brings only problems, as it is written, “the unity of criminals is to their own and the whole world’s detriment.” If people do not correct themselves and their relationships, it is better for them to separate and keep their distance from each other.

All of this started in ancient Babylon where egoism developed to such an extent that people began to hate one another. Consequently, many languages arose. Egoism erupted for the first time and separated people. Before then, they all lived as one nation where everything was shared.

However, suddenly they felt disconnected and a belonging to different communities, families, and nationalities, and therefore they could not continue to live together. From then on. the science of Kabbalah appeared.

One sage named Abraham, who lived in Babylon, revealed that we cannot resist our connection. People definitely will be connected, and we will not succeed in distancing ourselves from each other. However, we should know how to unite correctly, regardless of the egoism that grows with every passing day. Thus, the science of Kabbalah appeared, and it is the method of good connection between people.

Kabbalah states that first we need to correct ourselves and our relationships with each other. Then, everything we do will be to our benefit.
From the Convention In Guadalajara “One Heart For All,” “Day One” 7/17/15, “Preparatory Lesson”

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Abundance Coming Down From Heaven

laitman_933The Torah, “Numbers” 11:9 – 11:10: When the dew descended on the camp at night, the manna would descend upon it.

Moses heard the people weeping with their families,each one at the entrance to his tent. The Lord became very angry, and Moses considered it evil.

The numerical value of the word “dew” in Hebrew is 39, which means that it includes 39 Lights that descend in the form of dew. Such a perfect appearance of the Light can actually correct all the poisons, wounds, and our egoistic flaws.

By the way, dew is a wonderful remedy in our world, but we just don’t know how to use it, whereas animals, birds, and insects collect the dew and drink it. If we followed the behavior of animals and developed our medicines on the basis of their behavior we would be healthy, but instead we fill ourselves with manmade medicines.

The Torah, “Numbers,” 11: 11-15: Moses said to the Lord, “Why have You treated Your servant so badly? Why have I not found favor in Your eyes that You place the burden of this entire people upon me?

Did I conceive this entire people? Did I give birth to them, that You say to me, ‘Carry them in your bosom as the nurse carries the suckling,’ to the Land You promised their forefathers?

Where can I get meat to give all these people? For they are crying on me, saying, ‘Give us meat to eat.’

Alone I cannot carry this entire people for it is too hard for me.

If this is the way You treat me, please kill me if I have found favor in Your eyes, so that I not see my misfortune.”

It isn’t easy to follow the spiritual path because we have to discover all the problems and ask for their correction. Yet no one wants to do that and this is the reason the people complain, crying and asking, “Give us meat.”

If you want meat, please take it! After all, the manna can have different tastes. What difference does it make? The type of food makes no difference. Even today we eat one thing but feel the food as something else.

Very soon we will print everything one can think of by a three-dimensional printer and we will only have to push a button and receive anything that we want.

Isn’t that manna? It is actually the same thing. The only difference is that all this will be harmful for us because there is simple sawdust soaked in different flavors and additives in the cartridges of these printers.

And Moses said that this is the wrong way. We have to choose the natural way and not ask for ordinary meat but draw the Upper Light that actually contains everything in it. But the people refuse to do so and don’t want it.

Question: Does this mean that the people have nostalgic memories about the life in Egypt?

Answer: It isn’t nostalgia but a desire to go back to working in their egoism: “We don’t want to follow the path of connection and unity. It is a desert for us: it is tasteless, difficult, and burdensome. Give us meat, which is what the ego depicts, we want to live on that level; no one needs the 39 Lights, it is too much for us.”

Comment: The people’s complaints trouble Moses who cries out to the Creator: “Why have You treated Your servant so badly? Why have I not found favor in Your eyes that You place the burden of this entire people upon me?”

Answer: It isn’t about an old leader who is about 80 already and who has lived his last 40 years in the desert leading the people.

Moses is our most ancient attribute that leads us through the egoistic desert to the land of Israel, which means to unity. There is nothing else we can do here. In fact there is no other way out. We either advance towards annihilation and a massacre, or according to the laws of nature ascend to the next level.

We think that we choose our own future, but it isn’t so. No one knows what the future brings, so how can one choose? It is a kids’ game.

In fact everything is predetermined and the goal is already known, we only have to decide how to reach it: either in the best and shortest way or by objecting and stubbornly refusing like a donkey, and then you will be beaten until you grow wiser.

The word “donkey” in Hebrew “Hamor” stems from the word “Homer” – “matter. ” The matter of our world is egoism and it is according to this matter that we advance at the moment.

We are ready for any kind of work except for summoning the Upper Light because it only comes according to the level of our unity. When we get closer to one another it is revealed and the more we draw apart from one another and separate from one another because of our ego, it disappears.

In our state we only need to begin to connect and then the Upper Light will immediately descend unto us from Above. We will immediately begin to feel where life is revealed, what it means, where we are headed and what the future of all mankind will be, but we need to connect and unite in order to do so.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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At The Home Stretch In History


A Miserable Lot

Everything that happens in the world happens solely in order for us to reveal the true world, in which we all exist. In essence, everything that is depicted outside of a person’s desire, when one sees inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and other people—all of that is the Creator’s manifestation before the person. But a person does not feel this or understand what is wanted from him. Consequently we are going through a quite lengthy and painful process in history, just so that in the end we would ask ourselves the question about life’s meaning: what is all this for? Who benefits from all this? Who do I please? What secret lies hidden in our existence?

We see logic and meaning in every cell, in the oneness of nature, in the relationship of all its parts, but we find no logic in our own existence. A person, who is the “crown of creation,” is also the one who suffers the most of all created beings. We possess a developed mind and feelings, but yet we act like the biggest spenders and squander all our potential for mutual interactions.

Moreover, even when we realize this, we cannot do anything about it. Our wretchedness is amazing: a person knows when he does something stupid that will bring harm to him and others, but he is unable to change anything.

For example, a glutton cannot hold back from his favorite foods and loses control, all the while understanding perfectly well how horrible he will feel later. We face the same trouble with all types of pleasures, great and small.

Throughout history people have been asking themselves if there is any way out. Is it possible to enter a more mature, a more “solid” state? Is it possible to avoid being so miserable and lowly? We realize our lowliness and still we follow it, and today is always like the day before. We close our eyes and go with the flow…

Facing the Issue Head-On

At this point we definitely need to say a big thank you to Kabbalists. They suffered just like many others, but they succeeded. They were able to discover that this whole miserable life is meant to bring us to the key solution.

After all, it cannot be that our life would flow from birth to death in such an absurd existence. It cannot be that such wise nature would create a creature that is so developed and at the same time behaves in such a despicable manner. This discrepancy of our abilities and actions is too striking.

Moreover, nature itself pushes us into an abyss. Maybe I want to act differently and be a different person. If I planned on my own and programmed myself, I would act differently—certainly better than “destined” by nature or the Creator.

When we reach this realization or understanding, it indicates just one thing: the need to solve the question posed. Therein lies the source of understanding life, success in life, and success beyond the limits of its passing frames. It’s unlikely that it is limited to our “protein” existence for 60-70 years.

The Science That Leads Us Through Life

People who asked this question found that the world and the human beings here truly have an ultimate goal: to reveal the single force that sends us everything. It fully includes the whole universe and “plays” with it in order for us to truly wish to reveal it.

Meanwhile, all throughout history only some individuals learned about the opportunity to reveal the Creator. Nonetheless the number of people who ask the right question is growing. And these people are telling us that this is the only productive task of a person in this world from the moment he matures and realizes who he is.

As children, when we are 6-9 years old, we also asked the question about life’s essence and meaning. Maybe we didn’t ask adults, our parents, these questions, but they were there.

Starting from an early age, children need to receive an upbringing that explains how to exert constant effort to reveal the upper force, which influences us constantly, brings us life, and leads us through everything that occurs on the path.

Throughout history people made great efforts to reveal this force. They found a whole system of gradual acquaintance with it and called this method “the science of Kabbalah,” which literally means “the science of receiving.”

It explains how a person in our world can receive revelation of the force that influences him and demonstrates to him the whole picture of reality.

According to the words of Kabbalists, one needs to engage in this science particularly incessantly, and lead one’s whole life in it so that he attains the upper force in the time that is allotted to him. One needs to attain it to the point of encountering it in all its details.

Everything else in life should be used only to provide for the bare necessities—to the same extent that animals care for themselves. There is no point to exert more than necessary into the material existence—only as much as is needed to exist rationally.

This does not mean that we need to live in caves and wear animal skins. If we do not exceed the “survival bar” and dedicate all our effort to revealing the Creator, rising to His degree of eternity and perfection, then it goes without saying that we will not do silly things and pursue excesses of the material world. If we limit ourselves to simple existence, we will give all our strength to our true purpose.
From the Convention in New Jersey “Completing the Circle,” Day One, 7/24/15, Lesson 1

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Which Way Should We Go?

Laitman_088Opinion (Umair Haque, Havas Media Group Director):We are stuck in the ongoing crisis in our lives in the middle of an existential desert wondering whether this is what our life has come down to, the life of the lost generation.

“In the present we are creating the future being at the end of a historical era that was full of great ideas and wonderful metamorphoses that lead to a happy life.

“We want to make an easy profit, to give a real chance to influencing human life. There is a revolution in the idea of what prosperity and being well off mean and why we need to feel that it has to include a full perspective and the examination of a conscious existence. Do you want to heal the soul? Heal the world.”

My Comment: There are many similar texts all over the net, but no one has a clear plan. There are seemingly logically correct texts, but when you read them more deeply you discover concepts and ideas that have no real basis. The good thing, however, is that people are looking for a way out. Eventually they will prepare themselves and be ready to understand the method of Kabbalah.

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The Essence Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah In Two Sentences

laitman_249-03Question: Can you briefly (in one or two sentences) express the essence of your proposed idea in words that are understandable and accessible to everyone? And in short suggest a list of priority actions for its implementation?

Answer: The goal is to attain a connection between people such that according to the principle of equivalence of form and resemblance, the Creator, the total power of love, will be revealed in this connection. This is achieved through the realization of the conditions brought to us by the wisdom of Kabbalah. See the website, not all kinds of fiction.

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Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 1

Laitman_419Right-Wing Extremism Rears Its Head

Question: In Europe, extreme nationalism is becoming more and more popular, carrying xenophobia, neo-Nazism, and opposition to the single European Union with it. Recently, right-wing radical politicians celebrated a big victory in the European Parliament elections.

For the first time, considerable representation was received by a sector that opposes immigration and at times neighboring with neo-Nazi ideology, if not supports it.

The French Front National alone, led by Marine Le Pen, won 24 seats in the European Parliament. The extremely right-wing Progress Party of Norway received over 16% of the votes. The Finns Party won 18%, and the Dutch far-right took 10%. The same processes are taking place in Austria, Hungary, and other countries.

Analysts and commentators cite three main reasons:

  1. High rate of unemployment, leaving many young people without work.
  2. The economic crisis sweeping the entire European continent.
  3. Disappointment with previous policies that failed to meet expectations.

Overall, we see how the difficult situation is leading to intensification of far-right sentiments. How exactly does this mechanism work? How do troubles and hardships in different realms cause people to believe that this particular segment of the political spectrum will help them?

Answer: I think that the right-wing concepts appeal to Europeans. After all, they propose taking care of themselves, not immigrants: “We have no work, we have reduced social subsidies; why should we take care of outsiders?” If we used them to perform certain jobs for a set period of time, that is another matter. However, instead, most of them settle in the country and do not bother with employment.

In many European cities, this became a familiar scene: In the middle of the day, streets were full of people from immigrant backgrounds. They passed the time idly while native Europeans were working. So, why should they take them in and pay them money?

In addition, many are unhappy with the clash of civilizations, saying that they are against our culture, against our educational system. They do not want to learn from us, to become like us, to integrate into our society. They are generally repulsed by absorption into the European environment. So, why are they in Europe?

I personally asked such questions decades ago when the United Kingdom first opened its borders to immigrants from its former colonies. It was entirely incomprehensible to me what Europeans were rejoicing about as they received people who were extremely distant from Europe in their mentality. A symbol of goodwill is one thing, but a door wide open for the sake of partisan goals within the framework of political struggle is something else entirely.

While parties coming to power worried about their own reputation and preempted any criticism in their direction, the influx of immigrants kept expanding. Eventually, millions of new citizens filled large cities, staking out entire neighborhoods and establishing their own order at times in place of police who prefer to bypass these areas. Mosques are being built, Muslim holidays celebrated, and an entirely different spirit brought from their countries of origin reigns there.

In America, the coexistence of different nationalities originally was built on different principles. The United States was created as a “melting pot” where everyone intermingled among themselves and formed the American culture, albeit around an Anglo-Saxon core. At its foundation lay the element of pioneering, conquest, and development of new lands, an entirely different message.

Europe, however, with its ancient culture, has taken in people who disregard it completely. Therefore, there is a grain of truth to the current right-wing movements. They want to protect their homeland, their country, and their children to whom they would prefer to give the resources that are currently spent on immigrants. In short, there are many fair premises in their claims, and they certainly will intensify more and more.

As long as they remain within the law, I do not see what they can be accused of. What are they wrong? Is it in the fact that they do not want to accept immigrants and pay for them? Must they be responsible for that? Where is it written? Someone is gaining political capital from this, all the while, after climbing to power, extracting personal gain from it. So, why should Norway, Sweden, and other countries be filled with immigrants when they lived for hundreds and thousands of years in a “frozen” state? Meanwhile, Europe opened its doors, and this process has gained momentum.

Question: Can we say that history is repeating itself? Before World War II, there was an economic crisis and masses of people could not find work. It became a “remarkable” basis for the rise of fascism.

Answer: If in today’s Europe everyone were working and immigrants also joined the labor force so that production would grow and contribute to prosperity, then the cries of right-wing radicalism would have no place.

However, there is a shortage of jobs and social budgets are being cut. Moreover, they are cut in such a way that the funds flow from native citizens to new ones, and people do not agree with this.

In addition, the inability to establish proper international relations is playing a role here as well. The initiators of European unification expected economic benefits from it, but failed to consider basing this unity of nations on a common culture, common education, and overall on a common foundation. After all, the European Union is not just a word; it should stand for a certain united territory, a common reserve, a joint socio-cultural space.

Today’s Europe, however, has nothing of the sort. Banks? Industry? They barely cope with the role of unifiers when they are able to demonstrate momentary benefits. Of course such unity is destined to become a fiasco and only provides all the more reason for the rise of the far right.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.05.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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