A Hungarian Coup

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from The Financial Times): “You could say that Europe has crises enough without worrying too much about a Hungarian dissident turned petty tyrant.  To overlook Viktor Orban’s journey from anti-communist progressive to populist xenophobe would, however, be to repeat a mistake made about Greece. The troubles of Europe’s small powers can be a harbinger of bigger dangers around the corner.

“Hungary’s prime minister presents a reminder – should anyone on this continent need one – of the familiar trajectory from economic chaos to political authoritarianism. …Mr Orban sends a powerful message about the perils facing democracy.

“This week saw the introduction of Mr Orban’s new constitution. Suffused with ethnic nationalism, it reeks of an ambition for one-party rule. It promises repression of personal freedoms within Hungary and, through an extension of citizenship to Hungarian minorities elsewhere, threatens instability in ethnically-diverse neighbors.”

My Comment: Kabbalah warns that the Second World War can be repeated in a third, a nuclear one, because if humanity does not follow the path of integration, it inevitably will turn to the path of Nazism and universal hatred.

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  1. I know not what the third world war will be found with, but I know that the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones.

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