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Parallel Chains Of The Higher Management

laitman_546_02Of the seventy-two sages that Moses chose by lot, two irregular Tzadikkim (righteous) didn’t show up at the Mishkan (tabernacle). They hid in the camp and said: We don’t deserve the great honor of becoming the leaders of the people. And the Creator said: You humbled yourselves, so I will raise you above all the elders. When the elders stood beside the Holy of Holies, Eldad and Medad then received the spirit of the Creator and began to prophesize. Eldad prophesied: Moses will leave this world and Joshua his servant will succeed him. Joshua will bring the Jews to the land and will conquer it. As a reward for the humility of Eldad and Medad, their prophecies climbed above the prophecies of the elders. The holy spirit which rested upon the elders, made it possible for them to predict the near future only, whereas Eldad and Medad prophesied for the far future, right up to the period of the war of Gog and Magog (From “Midrash Rabba,Parshat BeHa’alotcha).

This is not talking about two old prophets, but about special characteristics. Moses received his clear characteristics, his destiny, his role, because this was the characteristic of Bina. And above it are found Hochma and Keter, which are very serious and elevated systems. Besides this, a very unique Light descended from above that produced the two characteristics, “Eldad” and “Medad.” Which is to say, very many systems of leadership descended from above.

The role of Moses is to remove all the desires of the general human soul from Pharaoh, from Egypt, through the Exodus from Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, standing before Mount Sinai, and crossing the wilderness until entry into the land of Israel, and nothing beyond this. Moses speaks in the Torah only about this way. But from this way all the rest can also become clear to us; for after all, the Torah begins from Adam, the first man who attained the thought of creation. There are also other sources that don’t refer to people as characters, but rather the forces of management that work further, beyond Moses.

Yet there was no prophet greater than Moses. But Eldad and Medad were found a little on the side and prophesied about the future after Moses. So it seems to us that one of them had to be greater, someone had to be smaller, even though the Torah doesn’t talk on a level like this. It simply talks about the existence of parallel chains of leadership that include Moses, seventy sages, Eldad and Medad who would later enter into the land of Israel and lead the people for a time until the building of the Temple. It means that Eldad and Medad were under the direct management of the Creator and walked in parallel to Moses.

We learn the same thing in the “Study of the Ten Sefirot,” in which two higher systems: Abba and Ima, are described. These are not people, but characteristics of the Creator that are divided into bestowal and reception. There is a division between them that runs in parallel to the regular lines. We need to enter into this spirit gradually and understand that the Torah doesn’t even speak about the characteristics of one person, but about connection between people. The Torah is designed only so that we will attain this connection; in this we will find everything that it talks about, all the way to the completion of correction, and simultaneously we begin to attain the higher levels: a state outside of time and space.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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Anti-Semitism Raises Its Head In The United States

When I visited Los Angeles late last year, I gave an interview on the subject of anti-Semitism to the magazine Israeli Week, which is targeted to Israelis living in the United States. Here are excerpts from the published article.

In the world there are many anti-Semitic incidents, but the greatest and most powerful anti-Semitism that we have ever known will break out specifically in America. This will happen soon, and the Jews there will have nowhere to escape. The flame has already broken out on the university campuses, and this is only the beginning.

In interviews and speeches throughout the world, Dr. Laitman warns the Jews about being too frivolous while the land is already burning under their feet.

– Is it possible that seven million Jews and a million Israelis living in the United States today don’t understand events around them?

– Precisely so. This is happening right under their noses, but they don’t understand the extent of the problem. In the University of California in Los Angeles, a branch of the Students for Justice in Palestine, tried to compel the Student Council candidates not to go on a subsidized trip to Israel. The AASA academic association unanimously approved the boycott of Israeli universities.’

At the University of Michigan they called the pro-Israel students “dirty Jews.” And recently a professor at Temple University cast doubt about the death of the six million Jews in the Holocaust to encourage the community for an academic boycott of Israel. And this is only a small portion of examples that reflect this spirit that is only going to intensify.

– The Jews and the Israelis in the United States feel safe. The economy is flourishing, there is no threat of terrorism or any military threat, they live in peace and quiet.

– So what? Germany was also an advanced nation in which Jews held key positions and it seemed that they were secure. Six million people were murdered in the Holocaust, and German anti-Semitism was nothing compared to the anti-Semitism that will break out in the United States. It will be much more difficult and painful.

It is not pleasant for Jews to deal with the truth. However, these are not just horror stories, this is truly terrifying. The land of Israel is the only refuge to which they are meant to reach. And this would be preferable sooner than later. They don’t have time to waste. The Jews in the United States must understand that the Americans will not protect them; one cannot rely on this. In fact, the Jews there are putting themselves in a situation like Auschwitz.

In any case, the anti-Semitism will do the work. Soon it will put pressure on the Jews throughout the world to come to Israel. I know that at the moment it is just about impossible to convince them, but the pressure will begin much sooner than they think.

-So what is the solution? I suppose that now you will turn me towards the wisdom of Kabbalah?

– Yes, only in the wisdom of Kabbalah is there a foundation that will lead to a solution. The wisdom of Kabbalah – is a science that reveals how the world is managed and how we, humans, must act within it to influence this system. If we don’t work on the system in which we live, then we are like wild animals – subject to control, and advancing like lambs to the slaughter.

So it is up to us to investigate and understand how this system around us works with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then we will take the “reins” into our hands and can influence what is happening. Only after a person takes the “reins” into his hands, does he get freedom of choice.

– Do you have an explanation for anti-Semitism that can lead to a solution, which until now many others have not found?

– Recently I met with a world-renowned scholar who studies the phenomenon of anti-Semitism. He said to me that in his study he didn’t find an answer to this question. He only understands that anti-Semitism is irrational. In regard to hatred of Jews, this doesn’t ever happen in regard to any other nation.

We are even hated by people with whom we never had contact. Researchers see these phenomena, but don’t investigate them in depth. They don’t understand the causes and the effects, they don’t know if it is possible to soften them and how it would be possible to do this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah takes us back to Abraham. The Creator asked Abraham for Israel to become a “Light to the Nations” through the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” What happened in Babylon is happening to us today all over the world. So there was a small group of people living in the world who felt that they were all connected with each other. However, their ego rose up to the heavens and this led to hatred between them.

They found two approaches for getting out of this situation. The popular approach was to move away from each other and settle in different places. But the approach of Abraham, who was known as a great spiritual leader, was different. He claimed that it was necessary to come closer to each other, and to be based upon love instead of hatred. He taught his group to live with love – so that love would rise above the hatred and would not give the ego the ability to manage it. This group became the people of Israel.

However, through the years, the ego rose again, and again unfounded hatred broke out until everything fell apart. And then we found ourselves in spiritual and physical exile, and since then we became distant from each other.

– Ego and love – is this all that there is? This seems like too simple an explanation.

– And we don’t need more. If there is no love, we are not a people; instead we are a group that doesn’t know in the name of what it exists. So we “merited” the hatred from all people.

Love is a “spice” that must be added to the evil inclination to “spice up” the ego. Love is what we must give to the nations, for this is what they are waiting for.

The nations of the world claim that the Jews control the world and all evil comes from them. If so, they are found in the hands of the Jews, and only the Jews can change the world. What the nations don’t understand is that we cannot disappear. They still don’t want to acknowledge this.

And so first of all it is necessary to hate the people of Israel, and it is up to us to shorten this process as much as possible. With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can transform the hatred into love and to convey it further to the rest of the world.

– How can one eliminate the ego?

– My ego is not under my control. I only know that it is not possible to destroy or reduce it, it can only continue to grow more and more. When we “spice up” the evil inclination, the ego, through devotion to love of others, then it is possible to “eat” the ego instead of being strangled by it.

Today we are living in a “small global village”, and we are prepared to convey this message to the world. When we become a leading group, we can change our destiny, as well as influence the anti-Semitism.

While we are not doing this, a new Holocaust will continue to approach us with giant steps. We will reach what happened in Germany seventy years ago – only this time on a larger scale and with greater force, all over the world, in which simultaneously it will be decided to exterminate the Jews.

This is not just a grim prophecy. This is a reality that is being revealed here and now.

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Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 9

Laitman_727Who Is The First?

Question: If the financial and economic union of the European Union for the sake of profit showed failure in meeting its obligations, what is the essence of the right union?

Answer: It is the creation of a single family. Then, we feel ourselves as people living on a small planet, in a small village that must be organized in such a form to align the standards of living and ensure the optimal standards of living for everyone.

This is because, today, the population of the Western world is essentially living luxuriously as compared to the majority who are suffering from poverty and hunger. So. let’s take care of our “ball.”

Question: If we truly want to feel ourselves as one family, will we receive the power of connection that is latent in nature?

Answer: Yes, and so the time has arrived for explaining to all people where we are living, in what kind of system, in what conditions, and under the action of which laws. We desperately need education, a program of integral education, a learning bench for humanity, until it washes its conservative and rigid consciousness and becomes permeated with a new approach, for everyone is suffering. All of us are sometimes on the threshold of despair. Hatred is increasing, the institution of the family is collapsing, and we are deteriorating without knowing where.

All of this must be explained, chewed for people, and they must be given a solution, a new direction that will make it possible for them to be saved.

Question: Is there at least one nation in Europe today that is capable of achieving the emotional intensity great enough to want to be a single family? In my opinion, the Europeans are very far from this.

Answer: Right, but on the other hand, it is specifically this that makes it possible to explain the current situation to them in comparison to that state that the law of nature demands. In spite of it all, it is bringing them closer against their will and pushing them toward connection.

So, the gap between the present differences and the required union will bring war if they continue to oppose the process of the interests of nature. Gradually, we will begin to push them to an understanding of the hopelessness of the current situation in light of which they must still change in spite of it all.

Question: In general, in what place on the face of the Earth is it easiest to awaken people so that they will want to become a single family and would summon the unifying force of nature?

Answer: According to the order of the correction of the world, first of all, we, the people of Israel, must go through this examination, and this will influence the entire world. If we begin to build priorities in this direction, then we will become an example for everyone, and no one will be able to ignore this, shut their eyes and remain indifferent, not a single nation and not a single person.

If we neglect the changes toward the direction of union, then this message will penetrate everywhere. The headlines of the news media will cry out. After all, the Jewish people are always the target, always the center of world attention, and so, through the right example, we will do the work. I have no doubt that Israel must be the first to embark on this path.

Today, they hate us specifically because subconsciously they feel that we are evaders and avoiders, and are not showing the right example. Ultimately, all of the negative processes are designed to awaken us to connection and union.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/9/14

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The Practical Use Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_539Question: You are a doctor of philosophy. How is your activity connected to that fact?

Answer: The scientific world attributes the wisdom of Kabbalah to the field of philosophy, and I did my doctorate on the subject of “The Wisdom of Kabbalah as a Method for Understanding the World” at the Philosophical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. My daughter graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, studied the wisdom of Kabbalah there, and is now writing a paper on the subject of “The Four Who Entered Paradise.”

What I am involved with can be called “practical philosophy,” because Kabbalah relates to philosophy, and I am involved with its practical realization, meaning the correction of our world.

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A New Form Of Daily Life For Humanity

laitman_547_01Opinion: (Zygmunt Bauman talking with Vincenzo de la Salle. The full text was published in the book: Twenty Ways to Fix the World: Interviews with the World’s Foremost Thinkers): “Unlike our ancestors, we have no perception regarding the destination towards which we are going. This should be a model of a global society, global economy, global politics and a global legal system.

“Instead of this, we have responded to the difficulties that have recently sprung up by conducting experiments and walking around in the dark. The skeleton, upon which all of history relied and was seemingly stable, has been torn to pieces and no institution is prepared to gather them together. We are found in an unsystematic global economic vise that is supported by unsystematic global politics.

“The present forms of lack of control are derived from a lack of ability to hold onto our way of life, bringing the impoverishment of natural resources and the erosion of the conditions for existence. The situation portends the beginning of wars over the redistribution of the lacking resources.

“It is possible to prevent disaster only if a new formula for mutual human existence is found and applied, which is not based upon economic growth. The present formula is protected by the dominant superpowers. If nothing will be done, masses of people will be annihilated, and not due to ideology as it was with their ancestors. The reason for this will be the necessary resources for survival.

“Global politics is the new covenant of the government, which is not in itself a goal, but a means for achieving goals. The thought, development and implementation of global political arrangements is a task which should be carried out so that all the ills of humanity will be healed. This is the necessary condition for their healing.

“The task is an extreme change in lifestyle on a personal and social level. The changes will lead to a rejection of the formula for solving the problems of the consumer and a search for happiness. ‘Changes in the present mutual lifestyle, which are presently reminiscent of a social factory of competition and rivalry, will become a factory for solidarity and mutual trust.’

“The restoration of responsibility of the individual and the community – this must be the fundamental principle of human connection, the main measure of humanity. This is imperative if we are interested in the changes bringing a cure for the social ills which are the foundation of our present and future problems.”

My Comment: Researchers are already aware that there is a need for fundamental changes in society. But this requires general agreement to implement changes that are based upon the correction of human nature. Humanity has had no experience like that.

All the above is reflected in the Torah, and the program for action is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Can we recognize the necessity of realizing this program before a world war breaks out, or after it?

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What Can We Expect Of The Z Generation?

laitman_547_06Opinion (Yevgeny Novitsky): “The formation of the new American generation called the Z generation is coming to an end. These are 14-19 year-old youth who will replace the millennium generation that was born in the years 1980-2000. They don’t control advanced technologies but consume it. They are far from the laws of mechanics, physics and chemistry.

“The breach between the inventors and the users can be the main attribute that distinguishes that Z generation. The inventors will gain money and control while the users will be under the complete domination of their genius peers both socially and economically.

“Most members of the new generation have never had to cope with hunger or homelessness and they cannot solve the simplest problems. They lack the life experience one accumulates as he goes through different trials. The Z generation will grow up to be sensitive and pessimistic. Many will not be able to become independent by themselves.

“The Z members generation have no interest in history and their inability to see the link between the past and the present, to analyze things and to draw conclusions is actually scary. They perceive the concept of equality as superior to any other American value. The reason is the brainwashing in schools and colleges that the democratic party is responsible for.

“It will be easier for the government to manipulate the Z generation in America and there are technologies that are actually like drugs for them.

“The Z generation live ‘on a cloud’ at any age as a result of the coercive mass culture. They prefer true stories instead of stories about robots, vampires, zombies, superheroes and other imaginary characters.

“The most disturbing fact is that they have no goal in life and that they lack the enthusiasm and the drive to know the world. They want a leader who will pull them after him.

“It is impossible to excite today’s children. Television, the computer, video games and social networks are all starting to gradually bore them. At the same time this generation doesn’t show great interest in drugs, alcohol and smoking like the millennium generation.”

My Comment: We will soon find out that it is actually this generation that will raise the world to its upper source, to the next dimension, and it is the way it is because it wasn’t born for our world of the past!

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.11.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, Letter 62

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Meaning of Conception and Birth”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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