Practical Kabbalah

disappoint Authentic, practical Kabbalah means that we attract the Light of Correction that causes us to change. Our world is a world of results; we are influenced by Upper Forces that govern all life in this world. So we shouldn’t think that we can change anything in our world with our actions. There are no effective actions we can make in our world, besides one – raising a MAN (request) upwards. This is the only thing we can do. Raising a MAN is called practical Kabbalah.

If, on the other hand, a person hopes to change his fate and influence the Upper Forces with his material actions (including the observance of traditions and commandments), then Kabbalah says that this is impossible. Don’t do it – it won’t help. Sure, you can carry out the rituals in order to feel more relaxed and to have order in your life, but at the same time, you should know that you will not change your fate by doing so. These actions do not enable you to reveal your egoism; they do not make you to want to correct it. They might even make you feel the opposite way – more relaxed, as if everything is ok.

If a person hopes to change anything in this world by influencing it directly, rather than through the Upper World, this is called mysticism. If he isn’t asking to be made similar to the Upper Forces and to change, but is instead trying to change the forces and world that seems to be outside him, then he is engaging in mysticism. It means that one’s outlook on the world is incorrect. The only thing in reality that we can change is ourselves; or rather, we can ask to be changed.

All of our reality is the One and Only Creator, the Absolute, who is Good and does Good. There is no one besides Him. “There is a law and it cannot be transgressed.” This refers to an iron law that we cannot affect in any way. If we want change, we can only ask Him to make these changes in us.

All we have to do is discern how we differ from Him, and then ask Him to make us the same as He. We will then shift our entire fate to the path of goodness. As for everything else, no matter what we do it is all meant to show us that we are not acting correctly. It becomes expressed as pain in order to direct us to the “true path.”

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