Don’t Let Your Point In The Heart Go Back Into Hiding

east A question I received: Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world watch our lessons on The Book of Zohar. As opposed to other books, is The Zohar able to awaken the right kinds of desires in a person regardless of whether he has a point in his heart?

My Answer: Everybody has a point in their heart; however, it can be concealed or exposed. If it is concealed, there is a possibility that it can reveal itself in the next moment. No one knows when and in whom it will show up next.

There have been many people who have come to us with burning points in their hearts, but alas, it subsided several weeks or months later because they did not apply enough effort toward their spiritual development. They were given a chance, but they lost it and the point in their hearts became concealed again.

The transition from concealment to revelation of the point in the heart, as well as the reverse (from revelation back to concealment), depends entirely on the effort that a person makes. This explains why some people who did not have a particular desire for spirituality at first, but kept listening to our lessons out of respect for The Book of Zohar or simply to be polite were able to accelerate their growth.

By doing this, one’s point in the heart, the embryo of the soul, will reveal itself quickly and one can begin to develop it consciously.

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