The Creator’s Patent For Eternal Pleasure

fear A question I received: Why can’t we unite our feelings with the mind?

My Answer: The inconsistency of the feelings and the mind comes from a very high root: the Partzuf of Galgalta, which began to create its> inner Partzuf of ABDalet de-Itlabshut) and the size of the screen (Gimel de-Aviyut) – the information of level 4/3. From this moment on, the Lights are always situated in the wrong places and there is an inconsistency of the Light (fulfillment) and the screen (desire). This gives rise to a sensation of a lack in us.

For example, I have fulfillment of the third level (Gimel de-Aviut) and information about the fourth level of the Light (Dalet de-Itlabshut). In other words, I know that there can be more than what I currently have! I can imagine fulfillment that is one level higher than what I currently receive. Thus, a difference emerges between what I desire and the reality – what is and what can be.

Hence, the mind is born, which thinks about how I can achieve what I currently don’t have. It exists in me, but only as a potential possibility; it is not mine yet. Suppose that I had never had a car before and you gave me a ride in your car. I was impressed and now I feel the difference between our states. This immediately activates an instrument in me called the “mind.” In other words, the mind is awakened in the place where I feel a lack and wish to achieve what I desire.

If the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif, the Light outside of me) was not placed opposite the Direct Light (Ohr Yashar, the Light within me), then a mind would never develop within me. This is why our entire ascent occurs above the hatred and the lack, which always remain. The Creator’s whole “patent” lies in the fact that it is impossible to fulfill an egoistic desire. It will remain empty – the whole Malchut of Infinity, but we will build a new empty cavity above it: the space of bestowal.

Our enjoyment will come from fulfilling others and enjoying their enjoyment. Precisely the fact that the will to receive remains empty, yet we build our bestowal above it, allows us to reach eternal pleasure.

An empty desire will constantly push me toward bestowal, and I will delight in it. To illustrate this, Rabash gives the example of a queen who has thousands of servants, but she still wishes to feed her baby son herself because this gives her pleasure.

Desire Has No Nationality

chile A question I received: If we read The Book of Zohar in another language, does it still have the same effect as in Hebrew and Aramaic?

My Answer: It doesn’t matter what language one reads The Book of Zohar in. Everyone in the world will have to study this book and every person will read it in his language.

Even though The Zohar contains parts that talk about the elements making up the Hebrew letters, such as the lines and dots that form the letters, these aren’t really letters, but rather symbols, markings, and forms that designate forces. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at a letter from the Hebrew alphabet or just a symbol; what is important is its meaning. At the end of the day, it’s all about one’s desire, and desire has no language or nationality. It is just that – a desire.

When you translate the words “sweet,” “bitter” or “sour” to other languages – every reader will still feel those tastes. The Zohar talks about sensations, and since words that sound different evoke the same sensations in people, reading in another language does not hinder one’s attainment.

Holy Scriptures – A New Song

This song by Arcadi Duchin is based on today’s Daily Lesson:

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Lyrics translation:

The book lets us reveal the forces of separation

Because these books point to our disconnection.

The correction of the body means correction of desires

The correction of the heart means correction of intentions.

Holy books are intended to reunite us again,

Only by uniting will we be able to understand what is written there.

There is nothing on the outside – no ocean, stones or street.

Everything is between us and our “self,”

Between us and the One who is Good and does good.

And it doesn’t matter if there are words and notions

It doesn’t matter that they are not always lucid and clear

Let’s go, my friend, and let’s look at what is broken

Let’s find what needs correction.

There is no Creator and no creation

Reality is far away

It’s dark here, everything is destroyed and there is no peace

There is no Creator and no creation.

Reality is broken

Everything is inside the desires.

Jerusalem is perfect fear

Due to the breaking between us it was debased and destroyed.

It cries over the breaking that we created.

Because of this breaking, there is no peace here, no serenity.

The holy books are intended to reunite us again.

Only by uniting will we understand what is written.

There is nothing on the outside – no ocean, stones or street.

Everything is between us and our “self,”

Between us and the One who is Good and does good.

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Preparation For The Zohar

Keeping The Point Of Contact With The Book Of Zohar

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception A question I received: If a person reading The Zohar was able to momentarily find a point of contact with it, then how can he hold on to it?

My Answer: He will hold on to it if he isn’t afraid of anything that comes next and he is ready to rebuild this connection over and over again under any circumstances that arise. If he is scared to death of losing the sensation of this connection, that means he lacks confidence and is not sufficiently connected with others. Besides, he does not understand that his progress takes place in the quality of bestowal, which always grows, develops and intensifies within him. However, it cannot develop if he is afraid and constrains himself. If he is concerned about his future, then he is operated by egoism instead of the desire to bestow.

When Darkness And Light Become One

adjacent Everything comes from the Creator, the Upper Force. The Light and darkness both come from Him, as it is written, “He who creates the Light and the darkness.” When desiring to reveal Him, I have to take these two forces and correctly unite them together. Right now they seem opposite to one another and I don’t understand how two opposite forces can come from one source – for example, good and evil, light and darkness, impurity (Klipa) and holiness, which are caught in a constant struggle.

So how is it possible to unite them? In our world we often see qualities and actions that are diametrically different from each other – ones that are wonderful and good, or evil, repulsive and horrible. How can it be possible to combine them together and attribute them to one source – the Creator?

In spirituality this schism and difference between qualities is much greater than in our world. Yet we have to build an inner system that connects opposite forces together, because that is how they really exist – in peace and harmony, one complementing the other. Neither of them can exist without the other.

By building this system within myself, I begin to understand its root, to see where this opposition comes from and what is really happening. We still don’t understand this. This won’t make sense to us until we gain the ability to build ourselves above the Machsom, in spirituality. Until then, we can either be on one extreme or the other, or severed from both, but we are unable to be in unity and harmony with two opposite forces.

By working to unify two opposite forces inside me, I build a point of contact between them, a system where they unite despite being opposite. Neither suppresses the other, as it happens in our world; rather, the two reach total harmony. The space I build within is my “I,” my soul, which is equal to the Creator.

The Creator is one, but relative to me, He breaks up into two forces – a positive one and a negative one, a plus and a minus. I connect these two forces inside me into one system, and it turns out that the system I build between the plus and the minus is completely equal to the Creator.

In this manner, I attain the Creator through His actions. I thereby build within me a human being who is similar to the Creator. I am one in the system of Malchut, and I am the same as the Creator in the system of Keter. All of our work lies in attaining this equivalence.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.10.09

The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “Noah,” Item 273
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 61, Lesson 27
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Article “The Character of Kabbalah”, Lesson 5
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Equality Is Based On Knowing Each Person’s Inner Nature

Laitman_2009-09-25_detsky-urok_wIt is impossible to achieve equal and fair distribution without knowing the inner nature of each person. This cannot be achieved in any other way, such as through different social support systems and other “crutches.”

Social systems might be effective for some time, but eventually the entire system collapses as soon as society becomes more interconnected. We have lost the ability to regulate it, since we need to establish equality and fairness on a global scale. Here the desires of mercy, fairness and peace cannot replace truth, and it is then that the crisis emerges.

The crisis in economics is a result of people wanting to receive without limit. They inflated financial bubbles beyond rational limits, neglected the formula that balances giving and receiving in a reasonable proportion, and forgot that it is necessary to give and do something for others.

It is now being revealed how much the situation is out of our control and how we are powerless to balance society. This is how Nature pushes us to the revelation of the truth and attainment of souls.

A soul is the inner part of a person, the basis of life. If it is possible to attain another person’s soul, one will attain all the properties of that person, and then will naturally relate to him knowing what he is capable of and what can be reasonably requested from him.

We are now coming to the great principle of the Torah – “Love your neighbor as yourself,” which is a means for us to connect together. We can then understand and feel each other and are are able to share fairly. Humanity will not solve the problem of its survival without learning and acting by this principle!

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