I Feel Good, I Feel Bad – A New Song

This new song by Arcadi is based on today’s Daily Lesson:

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Lyrics translation:

There’s a protective force guarding us from suffering

Even in the worst situations, we can overcome everything.

But if the One who is Good and Does Good is concealed

If the true cause is concealed

If we are barred from bestowal,

Then there is no revelation and no redemption.

When the Light shines more, I feel good

When the Light shines less, I feel bad

The concealment is really us concealing ourselves

Darkness is a longing for change

The feeling darkness is a good state – it’s one step before revelation

And the Creator confuses us so we would make the right choice

The right concealment is a sense of inversion between yourself and the Upper One

When the Light shines more, I feel good

When the Light shines less, I feel bad

The energy and the oxygen is not inside you,

It all depends on the environment

The Light slowly brings you there

Only if you persist and continue

If you already feel the darkness, it’s a sign that you’ve revealed the Light

It’s strange to say that it’s good when it feels bad

How beautiful it is when it’s all dark…

When the Light shines more, I feel good

When the Light shines less, I feel bad

Our Spiritual Growth Resembles A Seed Planted Into The Ground

nature.jpg A question I received: What does it mean in Kabbalah to turn to the group?

My Answer: To turn to a Kabbalistic group means that a person is completely helpless, he is drowning in an ocean, he finds himself in a horrible situation, he is starving to death – and suddenly, he reveals that there are good people all around him who want to help him. He must only ask them and show them that he wants help from them!

He has to be sure that they will help him. He doesn’t even need to hear them say that they agree to this. Everything depends on the person, similar to his outlook on the Creator’s attitude to us. In reality, the Creator is always ready to help, and the group is the same thing as the Creator. If I nullify myself before the group and expect to receive help from it, then I will receive it! It will happen automatically. It does not depend on specific people in the group, since I turn to their inner, corrected state, which is in the World of Infinity and which even they may not feel yet.

In order to achieve this, I have to really need it. I have to despair from my own lack of power and believe that I will be able to do it only with their help, only if I receive their support, their mutual guarantee, their energy, and all the rest. If I nullify myself before them in this manner, then I will definitely succeed.

However, I have to nullify myself completely. In order for a seed that is planted into the ground to grow, it must first rot. Similarly, a person must first reject all that is his in order for the group to influence him to the full extent. He will then enter a new life; a new plant will sprout from the seed that rotted. But it won’t happen until the seed rots.

We think that we have joined others and are building something together, but that is not so. A seed has to nullify itself, and then the environment will influence it. A person has to understand what he needs to receive from the group – which minerals he needs, what kind of moisture, warmth, and oxygen. He has to disintegrate in order to be able to absorb the influence of the environment.

We, however, think that all of the moisture, minerals and oxygen are inside us. Yet, all that we contain is the Reshimo, and nothing else. The rest comes from the environment, since the entire spiritual system is built upon our connection.

If a new cell is transplanted to the body, then the whole body begins working on it. We, however, have to annul the protective forces of the ego, which reject a foreign body and don’t let them connect. This is something we have to do on our own.

The Zohar Instructs Us Like An Experienced Teacher

By Developing One's Desires, Kabbalah Also Develops One's Mind When reading The Book of Zohar, every person has to try to find a more internal state within. We do not have the capability to imagine a state any higher than the adjacent one. I can fantasize to no end and think that I am imagining the World of Infinity, but it will only seem that way to me, whereas in reality, I will later discover that this was just the following inner state, slightly higher than my state today.

Therefore, one must aim all of one’s energy and efforts at trying to discern the inner desires and qualities which correspond to every word written in The Zohar. For example, “city,” “tower,” “ascending,” “descending,” “angels,” “demons,” “spirits,” “the sons of Efraim” – no matter what or who is being described, it is all referring to one’s inner desires and qualities.

The book or the author is speaking to us like an adult to a baby, telling us only the things that are suitable for us. We will not be able to read any more than that in The Book of Zohar, or to imagine, hear or see more. But in fact, the contents of this book are much greater than what we currently see. We just can’t see it for now. We are only able to see a small bit, as if we are being taught by an experienced teacher who is able to give us only what is beneficial to us, and no more.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be afraid to give everything in trying to find the inner concepts within us, which are described by the text in front of us. We will ascend to these notions,  recognize them and experience them for a time, like a baby that grows up over a day, a week or a month, and is then able to understand more than before; he gains the ability to reveal deeper, more internal things. Previously a baby could not see or recognize these things because they were simply beyond his field of vision.

Our spiritual development happens in the same way: by rereading the same text, we will continually reveal new inner qualities and new connections.

Don’t Waste Your Time On The Impossible

threeparts In Kabbalah, “forbidden” means “impossible.” Something is forbidden because it contradicts the laws of nature and cannot be carried out. However, we are in the state of concealment, which makes us think that we are able to make this action and to reap a benefit from it. Yet, Kabbalists tell you, “It’s forbidden!” as if speaking to a baby that is trying to cause harm to himself.

The harm from such an attempt to make an incorrect action does not necessarily have to come directly; it can come in an indirect form. Therefore, it will seem to us that we acted correctly and even made a profit, while in actuality we will be wasting our lives on useless, even harmful, actions. It will take a long period of time and suffering for us to reveal this.

This is why Kabbalists warn us, “Don’t waste your time and effort. You can’t change anything this way, because the system of Nature is arranged differently from what you imagine!” As time goes by, we start to fall behind and don’t carry out what is expected of us. However, the force acts according to our maturity level, demanding greater advancement from us.

Since we don’t advance, we continue to feel pressure, problems, and suffering. This is why Kabbalists tell you, “You can’t do this!” They aren’t trying to persuade you, since they cannot explain this to you the way a teacher explains something to a child, telling you that you shouldn’t act in a certain way because you can’t see higher than your current level. This is why they tell you firmly: It’s forbidden! But in order to hear them, you have to enter a group and find a teacher.

We Can Affect The Rate Of Our Evolution

There Are No Creatures On Other Planets A question I received: Isn’t the Surrounding Light mysticism?

My Answer: Who can explain how a child matures and becomes an adult? Why doesn’t he remain the way he was yesterday? We simply got used to seeing that this happens, but actually, we have no explanation for it.

Science can tell us what stages a child has to go through, as well as which stage comes first and which comes next, but it is unable to explain why this is so. It can explain what happens within matter, but it doesn’t see the cause that exists outside of matter, pushing it to develop.

The answer is that a child is affected by the same Surrounding Light that affects all other parts of nature, including Kabbalists. Every person has to go through many reincarnations in order to eventually reach the final goal. This is why the Upper Light acts within matter and creates vegetative, animate, and human nature from inanimate nature. Otherwise, all matter would remain dead and invariable.

However, the purpose of this matter is to develop. The Upper Governance is also present as a force in our world, but none of the sciences suspect this. This is why I left science. I wanted to learn: where does the force of life come from? Is it inside atoms, molecules, cells, or their subsystems? However, science doesn’t explore this, and therefore, what use do we have for it, if it can’t help us discover the most important thing and doesn’t even try to find out what it is?

The Surrounding Light is the Upper Force, which cannot be captured by any physical instrument. We only see its consequences or effects, such as the way a child develops year after year. This is evident to us.

The force that takes us from one stage to another is called the Surrounding Light. However, this is only true in relation to a person who attracts this force on his own, consciously, wishing to develop. On the other hand, in our world this Light causes the natural evolution, following a path called “in due time.” The train of evolution crawls along slowly according to its own speed, and the Upper Force operates within matter, pushing it ahead toward the goal.

If you enter the spiritual world, you will be able to investigate every stage of evolution – even the age of the dinosaur, if this was your area of interest, since all previous forms were predetermined. They were obliged to form by a certain combination of the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal.

It was only recently that we developed to such a state where we can attract this force of life, the Surrounding Light, on our own.

The Zohar Builds Our Soul

Using the Sixth Sense, One Perceives Like the Creator By studying The Book of Zohar, each person discerns precisely what is necessary for his soul. When reading The Zohar, each of us receives his own impressions, which are distinct from another person’s.

The entire narrative of The Book of Zohar has to pass through us. However, a person’s development does not occur by virtue of the influence of the narration itself, but from the Light that Reforms. The Light illuminates a person’s desire, his matter, which contains informational genes, Reshimot. This is similar to the work of stem cells – the foundation of all the cells in a human body.

As the Light influences our matter, it awakens the Reshimot that are inside the matter and which are unique and specific to each person’s soul. With the help of the Light, these Reshimot build a certain structure, a part of the soul, out of the matter. As a result, every person has his own construction of the soul.

The Language Of Holiness

Our Imaginary Reality is Created by Two Mechanisms The Zohar, Chapter, “The Secrets of the Torah”: The founders of the city and the tower (of Babel) spoke the language of holiness, which was known to the angels, and they did not speak any other language.

And there was one language in the entire world. “One language” means the language of holiness, and because they spoke the language of holiness, they received help from the Upper Angels to complete their construction.

Therefore, nothing was impossible for them and they had the ability to accomplish anything they wanted. However, if they would not have spoken the language of holiness, they would not have received help from the angels, and their deeds would have been impure – the kind of deeds that last for just an instant and then immediately nullify themselves.

“The language of holiness” stands for the tongue of a scale which measures holiness – the correct, balanced combination of the right and left lines. The right line is bestowal, the force that comes from Above, and the left line is reception, our matter, the desire to receive pleasure.

When we find the proper balance between them, we attain the language of holiness. When this happens, the tongue of the scale shows that all our desires are for the sake of bestowal, and the right and left lines are in balance. We can then use the matter of the desire to receive pleasure in order to build our soul, because we can give it the proper structure – for the sake of bestowal.

This is the meaning of “building a city” – it is when the Upper Force, the angels, agree with and understand our actions. Stated differently, it means that we have established the proper connection with the Creator, the force of bestowal.

At every stage we use the part of the desire that we are able to, using the “language of holiness” – the middle line. This is how we continue to unite with the Creator and to attain greater similarity to Him.

We create every “rock” and “block” needed for the construction, and we use them to build the middle line, using the language of holiness. In other words, we always erect the building from below upwards, for the sake of bestowal. This is referred to as building “with the help of the Upper Angels,” the forces of bestowal.

The Screen Is Not Just A Partition, But An Entire System

matter3 A person is a small world, which means the whole world is inside me. I stand facing the Upper Light and the Creator with all my properties and internal characteristics. I am unable to imagine anything outside myself.

We have already gone through sufficient preparation in order to avoid associating what is written in The Zohar with images of our world, history or geography. We can now see the text as describing ourselves, the Creator and the screen between us and Him. Now we have to try to see the system and structure of the relationship that we have to build between us and Him.

The screen is not just a partition between the Creator and myself, but it is an entire system. After all, I am only a point of desire created “out of nothing” and the Creator is also just a point, a spark of Light that created me, the point of desire.

The screen refers to a huge system that exists between both points: me (a black point) and the Creator (a point of white Light). The screen is not positioned above the desire to enjoy, but is included in this desire. With the help of the screen I can calculate how closely I can align my desire to match the Light; this is why the screen should fully embrace my desire.

Rosh (the head) of the Partzuf is the place where I decide which part of my desire should become attached to the Light. The part of my desire that I am able to align with the Light is called Toch (the inner part) of the Partzuf. The part that I am still unable to align with the Light is called Sof (the end) of the Partzuf.

The screen operates within all of these parts, being a system that connects me with the Creator. The system is divided into three parts:

  1. Rosh, the head of the Partzuf, which performs a clarification and calculation
  2. Toch, the inner part of the Partzuf, which receives the Light and attains similarity with it in action
  3. Sof, the end of the Partzuf, where a separate calculation is performed regarding my inability to be similar to the Light

It’s not enough for me to simply decide what part of my desire I can make similar to the Creator and throw the rest away. I also have to check which parts I cannot align with the Creator and why. The end of the Partzuf has to be as clear as its inner part.

The Host is asking me about every minor detail: “Why don’t you want to accept Light into it from Me?” I then have to check that detail and explain to myself why I can’t receive inside it. Therefore, the screen is an entire system of connection between the Creator and myself; it is not simply the partition that we draw in our illustrations.

When studying The Zohar, we are constantly learning about this system – the connection between us and the Creator. I am below and the Creator is above, and between us there is an entire system we call “the screen,” which consists of three main parts. This system encompasses all the worlds.

Virtual Lesson On The Book Of Zohar – 12.13.09

Study Kabbalah, and Spritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current Ones This Sunday, 12.13.09, from 9:00am to 10:00am EST, we continued our weekly series, “Revealing The Zohar.” This was the sixth lesson of the series; we studied the chapter, “Who Is Your Partner?”

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Below is a summary of the lesson:

The Creator made the creation in order to bring it to the state equivalence with Him – the state of harmony, eternity and perfection. There is a special “connecting block” between the Creator and the creation, consisting of Zeir Anpin and Malchut of the World of Atzilut. Zeir Anpin of the World of Atzilut represents the Creator and Malchut of the World of Atzilut represents the creation.

The creation is the souls that ascend and become included in Malchut by becoming corrected and connecting with each other. This is why Malchut of the World of Atzilut is called an “assembly of souls.” The connection between Zeir Anpin (the property of bestowal) and Malchut (the property of reception) is called Zivug, a merger. Such a connection is possible only if the properties of both objects are equivalent to each other.

The nature of the creation is reception; however, it can change its intention, in which case it will receive for the sake of the Creator instead of itself. Then its reception becomes equivalent to bestowal and Zeir Anpin merges with Malchut due to equivalence of form between them.

Everything we feel in this world comes from the connection between the Creator and the creation. A minimal contact between Zeir Anpin and Malchut lets us feel a small spark of Light (Ner Dakik), which gives us a feeling of existence and supports our entire life. In addition, the luminosity of Zeir Anpin awakens in us a feeling of lack of fulfillment, lack of pleasure, and lack of understanding on all levels of our development. It thereby causes us to aspire for something new, unknown, unique, and existing beyond the limits of this world.

This way, by affecting Malchut, the Upper Light attracts the souls to itself, inviting them to become full-fledged partners of the Creator.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.16.09

The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “Noah,” Item 346
In order to study The Book of Zohar, we must have inner unity among us. Otherwise we won’t open this door.
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 75, Lesson 31
The Light of Hassadim is the satisfaction that creation receives from being equivalent to the Creator.
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Concealment and Revelation,” Lesson 1
In order to reveal the Creator, we must first find out that He is concealed from us.
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