Envy – A Song About Human Nature


Lyrics translation:


I love myself
But there is envy between me and you
There is hatred between us
Such a thing can only happen between a person and his friend.

I want to erase you, I want to throw you out,
That’s the way we are with each other.
I want to rule over you, I want to cancel you out,
It isn’t just hatred, but an impulse to destroy.

We never felt that we belong to one another because we are broken to pieces
Each one of us is frozen and our hate has turned to madness.

So who is making us hate and envy each other?
We think it is coming from us, but it is all from the Creator.
When a tiny spark of Light is revealed between you and others
You will learn about love and then you will hate the darkness.

An Independent Point Above The Created Matter

anyone A human being is created from the unification of Malchut and Bina, the qualities of reception and bestowal. This is also what makes us capable of being corrected. Bina connects with Malchut, and this gives rise to a third reality – a reality that includes both but does not belong to either of them.

Malchut is the quality of judgment, from which nothing can be built. Bina is the quality of mercy, which does not have the power to create. The creative force can only be produced by their unification. Suppose we take some cement, water, and sand, mix them together to get concrete, and make building blocks. We produce a construction material which consists of these qualities. While the qualities themselves become lost in the material, a new reality is born.

What is so special about a drop of semen that enables it to go from a father into a mother, to grow, and then for a child to be born who later becomes an individual, a human being? Why is it that he suddenly separates from his parents and ceases to belong to them when he becomes an independent being?

At first an infant behaves according to natural instincts, which we understand. But when he reaches the age of 6 or 7, he suddenly becomes independent and begins to have his own opinion. It is no longer just the animate nature that controls him, but a new personality is born, which does not exactly replicate the father and the mother. He seems to include both of them, but at the same time, he is on his own. We don’t understand how this happens, since we don’t see the root of the occurrences.

However, this is precisely what the Creator desires: for a new life – the middle line (the human being) to emerge from the forces of reception and bestowal that He created, from two opposite forces that come together. His goal was not to create a desire, since a desire is just a material that automatically reacts to “good” and “bad.” Rather, the Creator and the human being exist outside of matter. The Creator wished to create a point that is above the desire and that emerges from the unification of the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal. This is a completely new reality, which is your “self”!

A Thin Ray Of Light Inside Infinite Darkness

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the Dawn It is impossible to use the forces given to us by the Creator to correct the desire He created – Malchut of the World of Infinity. Suppose that we received everything that is humanly possible with the intention “for the sake of bestowal”; all that would result from this is a thin ray of Light (Kav Dak) in the center of infinite emptiness. All the other desires except the ray would still remain empty.

Let’s say we received just 1% and we cannot give it back to the Host. His attitude to us is 100% good. Even if we didn’t receive anything for ourselves, we still wouldn’t perform any correction by this. However, if the Host gives us the power to receive all 100% for the sake of bestowal, then what is the sense in this? After all, it will come from Him!

Therefore, it is necessary for a point of freedom to be created, a point that is independent of the Creator and the human being. Then a new creature could develop, one that is equivalent to the Creator rather than just a mechanical being. To the Creator, the worst thing is for everything to happen according to His desire. This means that there is no creation. If the Creator creates something that just blindly carries out His desires, this belittles Him. He has to create someone with the freedom of will.

This is why He creates a human being whose desires are completely opposite to His, who neglects the Creator and is opposed to Him in every way. These are the most necessary qualities of the created being. Only from this point, the point where a human being is opposite in all aspects to the Creator, from the point of total hatred and global opposition, can there emerge someone capable of attaining Him.

People say that the greatest hero is one who turns his enemy into a friend. The Creator does not force man to come to him; He does not make any compromises and He does not play an unfair game with us. Even though it is written, “There is None Else Beside Him” and the Creator governs completely over creation, He governs particularly in order to make sure that the created being will not reject its freedom!

This is His primary concern, since otherwise there is no creation; there is only a controlled element. It would be a blow to the Creator’s dignity if He allowed creation to blindly follow Nature, regardless of whether it is good or bad. For the Creator, both of these options are no good.

He wants only one thing: for the created being to be separate and independent of Him, and to act while being in this independent position. Only a creature like this can be called a “human being.”

The Most Cowardly Of All Creatures

spiritual The Zohar: When man sinned with the Tree of Knowledge, he lost all his Light and was left with the lowest desire of all creatures (without a screen). He was emptied of Light and understood that he is the most despicable of all the creatures in the world (because the force of his desire was greater than his screen). Therefore he became the most cowardly of all the creatures.

All other creatures are stronger than man. This is really so. We don’t even realize how much weaker we are than other creatures, such as microbes, insects, birds, and animals, and how dependent we are on them for everything.

Our desire is the coarsest; it has the highest Aviut (thickness) and we don’t even have a screen to conceal it or protect ourselves from it. This is why the “human being” inside of us is so small and his desire is so weak that as soon as any animalistic desire emerges in us (such as the desire for money, fame, sex, or other pleasures), we immediately surrender to it, let it control us, and look for a way to satisfy it.

We do not have power over these desires; they can do anything with us. And that means that a man is weaker than all the other creatures – “a human being” in me is weaker than all my other inner desires.

The Zohar: And when a man sins, he is told that a mosquito is worthier than him. But if he did not sin and kept his screen, then he would have turned his desires into merits and would have attained the highest Light.

But when he sins, he loses the degree of the Light and is left with a huge, empty desire that turns into a defect. And then even a mosquito is worthier than him since it was created with a purer desire.

None of these animate desires inside me have free choice, and therefore we are not required to correct them. We have to correct only what belongs to the “human” level in us. Then all our other desires join the “human” level, which is the only level we should worry about.

We do have freedom of choice and a connection with the Creator on the level of the “human” desires. The other desires simply join and support the “human being” in us.

A Spiritual X-Ray Scan Of Yourself

true6 We have to perceive every word in The Book of Zohar in its spiritual sense because it is speaking about our inner desires, forces, and qualities. We have to try to find the connection between them. Where are my inner qualities which The Zohar calls animals, fish, man, the ark, and the waters of the flood?

I am discovering myself. I want to see myself from the inside like viewing an X-ray scan, because all of these things happen within me. There is nothing else in existence but me.

The Zohar speaks only about matter (desire) and the form of this matter – what “kind” of desire it is. But all of these desires are aimed “for my own sake,” and that is why they provide me with the sensation called “this world.”

If, however, I were to change their intention to “for the sake of another” (my neighbor or the Creator), then I would begin to perceive the “other” world through them instead of “this” world. The words of The Book of Zohar refer to nothing other than my qualities.

Let’s Break The Walls Between Us

time It causes us great suffering when we find ourselves at the transition point between two states. This happens in order to push us forward or back, as it is written, “Difficult are the Creator’s ways. The righteous will walk them and the sinners will stumble on them.” The sinners fall and lose out two-fold, but later, they realize their great loss and advance once again. However, they lose time and increase their suffering.

This was not arranged because the Creator wanted to punish them and cause them to feel unpleasant sensations in order to push them forward. We should never think that His desires change or that He makes any calculations. Everything happens as a result of one calculation: every level differs from the adjacent one by its desire for bestowal or reception Therefore, in order to ascend to the next level, one must acquire a greater desire to bestow, which is felt as suffering and misery! After all, we have to cancel ourselves out and start feeling our neighbor. We have to give to him instead of ourselves and prefer him over ourselves. This kind of attitude is completely unrealistic to us today.

This is why the space between the levels, which we have to fill with the Light of Bestowal, the Light of Hassadim, rises up between us like a wall that we cannot do anything about. It pushes us away from each other like magnets repelling each other! We cannot come close to the quality of bestowal, since the negative power of the magnet throws us back. So what should we do?

Our only opportunity is to ask the Light for correction, with the help of the group that convinces us that this is necessary. If we have done enough work in the group to reveal the force of unity in it, then as a result we feel a desire and the ability to turn to the Creator. Otherwise we are unable to turn to the Creator on our own. We can only turn to Him and reveal Him by working in the group. There we reveal the force that broke us – and then we turn to this force. It is written, “He who makes peace in the heavens will make peace among us.” He will connect us and together we will rise to a new level, Thus, the same empty space that we discovered and worked on before now turns into a means of revelation for us.

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Inner Work And The Zohar

Use Your Education Only To Earn A Paycheck


A question I received: All my life I was a rebel against the social system. After somehow finishing high school, I went off for some spontaneous and irrational traveling to find myself. I needed that to find out what I wanted to do in life, not what others wanted me to do, and what I wanted to be.

It’s not a miracle that I discovered Kabbalah in my own way. From that time since (it was in 2005) I have eagerly studied with you and in my corporeal life, I am trying to schedule my doings by the model of Bnei Baruch as much as possible.

From being spontaneous and a constant risk taking wildcatter, through those years of studying Kabbalah, I have already turned into (at least in comparison) a decent person, and now I’m trying to build up a needed healthy frame of social status and behaviour.

I found my profession, through which I earn money like a normal citizen. I have a woman who is likely to be my wife (our relationship is totally based on Kabbalah).

My question is about university studies – and specifically during our time of global instability and multi-crises. After denying the system all my life, now I just want to be  normal, and I see university studies as a means to help me attain this “normality.” I am in a huge dilemma about this, because it’s impossible for me to just see my little life with my little surroundings without looking at it from the global point of view. And watching from there I become very, very unsure.

If I have a profession (photographer), do I need to study at a university (in international business and communication or advertising management)? Because you said that a person must go into the army, attend a university, have a job and make a family.

My Answer: You don’t need it. What I meant was that you shouldn’t give up education if it allows you to make your living. But nothing more than that.

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Let The Group Help You Through Your Illness

Laitman_2009-05-28_8348_wTwo questions I received about coping with serious physical ailments:

Question: I have been studying Kabbalah for several years and doing dissemination. I have lupus, an illness that affects the connective tissues of the body. The illness is controlled but lately I have suffered falls or accidents and this is the fourth time I have developed a luxation (displacement) of a shoulder, having suffered two of them in the past three months. My doctor says I need an operation to stop these luxations. Is this only the result of my physical condition or do you think the Creator is trying to tell me something?

My Answer: You should consult with a few doctors and follow their advice.

Question: If someone has a life threatening illness, should they tell the group or use it as an impetus to unite and correct themselves and try to inspire the group in this way?

My Answer: Let everyone know of it so they all pray for you, because everyone is connected with you in one soul.

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The Book Of Zohar Is An Opportunity For All Of Us

feelyoursoul A question I received: What is the inner work of a person who watches The Zohar lessons on the Internet or the TV? Many people are waiting for these lessons with their breath held and waking up at odd hours of the night for the first time in order to watch the live broadcast.

My Answer: The Book of Zohar is an opportunity for all of us to reveal the true reality, which becomes revealed inside a person. Through the study, a person discovers that he perceives all of reality inside him and gains the ability to put his inner world in the right order, to arrange it and reveal it in a way that lets him feel the spiritual world in addition to this world.

He doesn’t experience any contradictions, illusions or doubts regarding whether his spiritual sensations are true. Everything becomes revealed inside his desires. Simply by correcting our desires, we reveal our inner ability to see and feel the spiritual world inside them.

Even people who have not gone through the preparation to perceive The Book of Zohar, who have not seriously studied the basics of Kabbalah for several years, are able to join us and merit the same revelation, similar to a baby in our world who lives among adults and they provide him with everything. It doesn’t matter that a baby born in the 21st century does not know about the preceding generations that prepared everything for him and all the things that now surround him. He receives according to the level our world is on today. Our duty is to take everything from the previous generation, prepare it, and bring it in a ready-made form to the baby, the next generation.

Therefore, the “babies” in Kabbalah, those who are now joining us, our new friends, are able to merit the same revelation as we expect to attain. In this regard there is no difference between us, provided that they try to listen to the degree that they are able to join us and if they feel fear, expectation and reverence for this great book. This is very important in order to connect to it.