Use Your Education Only To Earn A Paycheck


A question I received: All my life I was a rebel against the social system. After somehow finishing high school, I went off for some spontaneous and irrational traveling to find myself. I needed that to find out what I wanted to do in life, not what others wanted me to do, and what I wanted to be.

It’s not a miracle that I discovered Kabbalah in my own way. From that time since (it was in 2005) I have eagerly studied with you and in my corporeal life, I am trying to schedule my doings by the model of Bnei Baruch as much as possible.

From being spontaneous and a constant risk taking wildcatter, through those years of studying Kabbalah, I have already turned into (at least in comparison) a decent person, and now I’m trying to build up a needed healthy frame of social status and behaviour.

I found my profession, through which I earn money like a normal citizen. I have a woman who is likely to be my wife (our relationship is totally based on Kabbalah).

My question is about university studies – and specifically during our time of global instability and multi-crises. After denying the system all my life, now I just want to be  normal, and I see university studies as a means to help me attain this “normality.” I am in a huge dilemma about this, because it’s impossible for me to just see my little life with my little surroundings without looking at it from the global point of view. And watching from there I become very, very unsure.

If I have a profession (photographer), do I need to study at a university (in international business and communication or advertising management)? Because you said that a person must go into the army, attend a university, have a job and make a family.

My Answer: You don’t need it. What I meant was that you shouldn’t give up education if it allows you to make your living. But nothing more than that.

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