Debunking The Great Delusion

How Old Is the World It seems illogical to us, but if we wish to rise to the next degree and receive more Light, we have to “come out of the house,” from the state where we had fulfillment – the Light of Hochma, and rise to a degree where there is only the Light of Hassadim. That way we guarantee that we will not fall from our spiritual degree and nothing will be able to harm us.

After all, the only thing that can harm us is us! A human being is a small world. Everything we see around us exists inside of us, in our sensations. This whole world, which seems external, actually exists inside us. We just imagine it to be outside.

When we begin to obtain spiritual sensations, we will feel that all of these qualities and phenomena occur within us. Right now, however, it seems obvious to us that everything exists outside, including the inanimate and vegetative levels of nature, animals, people, all the stars, the whole universe. Besides, how could all of this fit inside a person? However, later we will feel all of this inside of us.

It is a great delusion to think that the world is external. Regular science is also beginning to reach this conclusion, although The Zohar wrote about this more than a thousand years ago. All the characters and objects described in The Zohar exist only in our perception, including the Creator and the created being, Leah, Rachel, Yaakov, Israel, angels, evil spirits, various forces, ourselves, and all the worlds. All of this is inside us. Therefore, when we read The Zohar, we have to try to feel how it is happening inside us.

There is nothing outside of us. There are no friends with whom we study, and there is no television displaying the lesson for us. All of this is just our perception.

Remembering What Has Long Been Forgotten

free4 The perception of reality that Kabbalah explains to us seems very strange and extraordinary to us. However, a newborn baby also finds the world he sees around him very extraordinary. He is not used to anything taking place and begins to study this world from the very beginning. We are exactly the same in regard to the spiritual world.

In addition, we have Reshimot (informational genes), inner definitions of the spiritual world, and therefore, it is as though we are returning to a place we were in previously, the place from which we came.

When we are born, we enter a different world each time because the world develops; it undergoes technological progress and life around us changes. However, when we enter the spiritual world, we find ourselves in a world that we were in previously, and therefore, we have memories, information, feelings, and impressions about it. We simply have to awaken them.

Through its stories and explanations, The Zohar draws us upward, leading us into the feelings of the spiritual world. Although we aren’t there yet, by reading The Zohar we begin to awaken our inner memories about the path that we went through from above downward, when we went through all these stages before.

Now we are returning there from our world. We are beginning to ascend back where we came from.