The Greatest Time In History Is Now

historynow We have lived through thousands of lives, and now we are situated in a special reincarnation where we are beginning real spiritual work for the first time. For the first time we are no longer acting like the inanimate, vegetative, or animate levels of nature, but are performing personal, individual work that only a human being could, according to his own free choice. This is the first time that this is happening in all of creation, in all the generations, after all the states and past lives that we have gone through.

This period is not easy by any means. We still don’t understand what it means to begin living in a new world, to adjoin the whole world to ourselves, to enter a different dimension, and to develop a new desire (Kli). We think that something needs to happen right now, in our old egoistic state. However, a new reality has to come and clothe into us; it is a reality that we do not expect, know, or take it into account. And the only way this can happen is gradually, with our consent, and the consent must also be reached gradually.

At the same time, we have to expect the revelation to happen any minute now. But on the other hand, we should understand that even in our world, where we don’t experience such great changes, it takes many years and much effort to change anything, and here we are talking about something much bigger – changes that have to be performed in us by the Upper Light. We are, indeed, about to enter a new dimension!

The Light is always ready to perform the corrections to us. However, we have to provide this opportunity for it, and that is where we usually stumble.

What Depends On The Light And What Depends On Us?

dependsonus The Light can correct us in one instant, but in order for this to happen, we have to show it the place that needs to be corrected and the corrected form as we see it. However, this can only be achieved by making many attempts to seek out this place and to correct it on our own.

Even though our attempts and efforts are fruitless, they draw the influence of the Light, and as it shines upon us, we begin to desire to unite with others. This is something we never thought about before. In addition, the Light’s influence makes us realize that we are unable to achieve this in any way.

That is when we become ready to reveal the right desire and the place that needs correction – and then the Light corrects it for us.

There’s No Such Thing As A Corporeal Problem

world Sometimes during the lesson a person is overcome by thoughts about various “mundane” problems, which make it seem as though he has to solve them right there and then. “Mundane” in this case means everything related to our world. The mundane problems – meaning our entire world – are the conditions from which we have to ascend into the spiritual world. If it weren’t for these problems and difficulties that present themselves to us in the form of this world, we wouldn’t have anything to ascend above.

Problems at work, the bank, the supermarket, with your health, children, spouse and others, are not artificial problems of this world, but spiritual levels that descended to this level and now appear to us in their opposite form. This opposite form only appears as a bank, supermarket, health, family, work, and so on; in reality it is the Upper Level creating conditions for us which we have to use to push ourselves into the spiritual world. We have to break through them like through a thick filter. We have to go through this sifter, because that work will constitute our effort.

If we try, however, we will see that we aren’t capable of this and we need the Light that Reforms. All of these circumstances are the conditions created for us by the Upper Level. Therefore, when we understand that we are having a hard time, and that we are deaf and do not desire spirituality, that is when we have to distinguish our current animate state (this world) from the point in the heart, which is concealed and bound by this world. We have to pull that point out from underneath this mound of corporeal problems (or rather, what seems like corporeal problems) and thoughts, and raise it upwards, above them.

If a person collects himself and persistently continues to read The Book of Zohar over and over again, then this confusion, fog and uncertainty disappears because the Light influences a person. “Whatever the mind doesn’t do, time does,” and The Zohar is especially powerful in this regard. We must only give it the chance to freely flow through us.

As I read a paragraph from The Book of Zohar, I don’t even want to remember anything that happened to me in the past. I have gone through it and it’s over. While I read The Zohar, I want to experience it fully; I want to completely absorb it so it will permeate all my cells. These are my expectations.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.31.09

The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “VaYishlach (And Jacob Sent),” Item 274
For the first time in history we are doing spiritual work together and are launching the process of the general correction.
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 100, Lesson 40
Bina awakens only in response to a demand from the lower one. Nothing will happen unless we awaken Bina.
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Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Item 22, Lesson 7
The worlds conceal the state of Infinity from us. But they also become the steps by which we ascend to Infinity.
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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Cellar

stuck A question I received: Baal HaSulam writes that we are in the World of Infinity. What is infinity?

My Answer: Infinity is total unity with the Creator. It is a Kli (vessel) that is boundlessly filled with Light. It is one Law, one reality, where “He and His Name are one.” It is the implementation of the plan of creation.

The Creator created this infinite state. But in order to enable us to freely gain our own awareness of this state, we were given sensations that make us feel as if we are not in it; we lack awareness and understanding, and are in a state of confusion.

When a baby is born into this enormous world, we reduce the size of the entire world for him down to a small crib. Instead of fancy food, we feed him oatmeal, and we don’t give him anything besides toys. But all of this is done to make sure that he will grow gradually and develop correctly.

Baal HaSulam provides an even harsher example in a letter to his students: a dark cellar (our world) where the King’s son is raised (the person whom the Creator chose in order to bring him closer to Himself). It is a metaphor of our spiritual growth in the “cellar” – the dark sensation of our world.

Sometimes we are allowed to come out of the cellar for a little while, and then we suddenly sense our world as being brilliant. And at other times we experience pain from making fruitless spiritual efforts. That is how the Creator pushes us to make a firm decision to ascend above ourselves.

At some point, unexpectedly, after working for many years, we are suddenly revealed the way out of the cellar and into a great world full of Light. It’s not the same world we used to come out to on occasion, where we felt jealous of those who are able to enjoy it. Rather, it is the world of Light. We then see that there was no reason to envy those who seemed successful because in reality they don’t have anything.

On the other hand, we have spent our entire life in “the dark cellar” studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and working in the group, but now we have completed the preparation phase and have come out to the Light.

How To Guarantee A Truly Optimistic Future For Our Civilization

economicsIn the News (from International Futures Research Academy): At the roundtable in conjunction with the 64th session of the UN General Assembly “The Future of Civilizations and a Strategy for a Civilizational Partnership,” Russian and Kazakhstan scientists came forward with a bold initiative… A result of arduous efforts of the international force which involved about 50 scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Lebanon and other countries … Scientists propose their vision of a long outlook for the development of humanity … This methodology has permitted to prove that the global crises of the early 21st century are not accidental but law-governed and necessary.

My Comment: Until we change the egoistic human nature to is opposite – altruism and harmony with Nature, we will observe only a deterioration in every area. Therefore, the scientists are wasting their efforts in the wrong area.

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In the News (from

The Closing Of UFOs Investigation Department Is A Step Forward

children3In the News (from The Telegraph): “MoD department that investigated UFO sightings ‘closed’” The Ministry of Defense department that investigated UFOs sightings has been closed after almost 60 years. The MoD department, which has dealt with more than 12,000 reports – including 135 last year – was used to assess threats posed by any Unidentified Flying Objects sightings throughout Britain. UFO experts expressed anger at the decision.

My Comment: This was a victory of either the financial crisis or the mind, but either way, it is a good thing. All identified and unidentified is inside us. There is nothing outside. Therefore, the only thing we have to investigate is our own internality.

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Can The Law Of The Torah Provide Justice For The Nation Of Israel?

aboutIn the News (from The Huffington Post): “Yaakov Neeman, Israeli Justice Minister, Says Jewish Law Must Become Binding” Israel’s justice minister called for Jewish law to become binding in Israel, causing a stir Tuesday that cut to the heart of the country’s simmering secular-religious divide.

Neeman, an observant Jew, told a rabbinical conference on Monday that the Bible contains “a complete solution to all the things we are dealing with.”

My Comment: The justice minister has no knowledge of the society’s development. Binding society by laws it cannot observe will bring nothing but collapse.

Only understanding the objective processes of development, which are determined by the Creator, will bring society to harmony. However, this will not happen by the desire of Neeman or the orthodox authorities.

Religious traditions are the cultural heritage of the people and they should only be accepted voluntarily, by providing a positive education to the people. Religion must be separated from the state and should become a part of the people’s culture, instead of a means of force. Religion should protect rather than oppress, educate rather than push, attract by benevolence rather than dictatorship. It should set a kind, dignified example, instead of using coercive methods.

If people don’t accept the traditions voluntarily, as the society’s culture and historical value, then Israel will end up with a dictatorship. In that case, Kabbalah forecasts this nation a horrible future – a collapse of the society and the state.

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Scientists Have Dispelled The Myth Of “True Friendship”

mythIn the News (translated from YoRead): Western scientists have done research on the phenomenon of true friendship, concluding that “selfless friendship” is a myth. Every person looks for friends only out of selfish purposes. By helping a friend, a person subconsciously hopes that the friend will return the favor.

My Comment: Since ancient times Kabbalah has taught that human nature is absolute egoism. Therefore, what we really have to research is how to change our nature to bestowal. This, too, is described in the science of Kabbalah.

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Déjà Vu While Reading The Zohar

Our Imaginary Reality is Created by Two Mechanisms You know you are studying The Zohar correctly when you keep reading it over and over, yet you don’t understanding anything. You shouldn’t be afraid of this or try to lie to yourself. On the contrary, you must accept the fact that it’s unknown like a baby, and then it will indeed begin gaining clarity.

Studying The Zohar brings a Déjà vu sensation, where something you have ready before suddenly surfaces in your memory while reading a different part of the text. When you read it the first time, you didn’t understand a thing, but now it suddenly all comes together, similar to how something in our world becomes revealed to a baby.

If it seems that the material is clear to you, then this is a grave error on your part that hinders your progress. You must clearly realize that you are reading about phenomena that presently do not exist inside you.

If your soul becomes corrected, then you will perceive them properly. But for now you are merely hearing the words without knowing what they really mean. For example, you read the word “darkness” and think that you understand its meaning, but actually it means something else entirely; it refers to the inability to perceive something. After all, the book talks about bestowal, whereas you only know how to receive.

Your opposition to the Light, to this exalted state of bestowal, is called darkness. Similarly, your likeness to the Light and ability to connect to a more advanced desire is called Light. In this regard, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand and cannot imagine these notions. What is important is your desire. This is what draws the Light – the force that develops you.