The Greatest Time In History Is Now

historynow We have lived through thousands of lives, and now we are situated in a special reincarnation where we are beginning real spiritual work for the first time. For the first time we are no longer acting like the inanimate, vegetative, or animate levels of nature, but are performing personal, individual work that only a human being could, according to his own free choice. This is the first time that this is happening in all of creation, in all the generations, after all the states and past lives that we have gone through.

This period is not easy by any means. We still don’t understand what it means to begin living in a new world, to adjoin the whole world to ourselves, to enter a different dimension, and to develop a new desire (Kli). We think that something needs to happen right now, in our old egoistic state. However, a new reality has to come and clothe into us; it is a reality that we do not expect, know, or take it into account. And the only way this can happen is gradually, with our consent, and the consent must also be reached gradually.

At the same time, we have to expect the revelation to happen any minute now. But on the other hand, we should understand that even in our world, where we don’t experience such great changes, it takes many years and much effort to change anything, and here we are talking about something much bigger – changes that have to be performed in us by the Upper Light. We are, indeed, about to enter a new dimension!

The Light is always ready to perform the corrections to us. However, we have to provide this opportunity for it, and that is where we usually stumble.

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