Déjà Vu While Reading The Zohar

Our Imaginary Reality is Created by Two Mechanisms You know you are studying The Zohar correctly when you keep reading it over and over, yet you don’t understanding anything. You shouldn’t be afraid of this or try to lie to yourself. On the contrary, you must accept the fact that it’s unknown like a baby, and then it will indeed begin gaining clarity.

Studying The Zohar brings a Déjà vu sensation, where something you have ready before suddenly surfaces in your memory while reading a different part of the text. When you read it the first time, you didn’t understand a thing, but now it suddenly all comes together, similar to how something in our world becomes revealed to a baby.

If it seems that the material is clear to you, then this is a grave error on your part that hinders your progress. You must clearly realize that you are reading about phenomena that presently do not exist inside you.

If your soul becomes corrected, then you will perceive them properly. But for now you are merely hearing the words without knowing what they really mean. For example, you read the word “darkness” and think that you understand its meaning, but actually it means something else entirely; it refers to the inability to perceive something. After all, the book talks about bestowal, whereas you only know how to receive.

Your opposition to the Light, to this exalted state of bestowal, is called darkness. Similarly, your likeness to the Light and ability to connect to a more advanced desire is called Light. In this regard, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand and cannot imagine these notions. What is important is your desire. This is what draws the Light – the force that develops you.

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