Obama’s Economic Consultant Says, “Wake Up, Gentlemen”

freeIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): “Paul Volcker: Think More Boldly” Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker chastised the largely private-sector group for the timidity of its proposals:

“My overall impression is that you have not come anywhere near close enough to responding with necessary vigor or structural changes to the crisis that we have had. Every day I hear financial leaders saying that they are necessary and desirable, they are wonderful and they are God’s work. Has there been one financial leader to stand out and say that maybe this is excessive and that maybe we should get together privately to think about some restraint?

Wake up, gentlemen. I can only say that your response is inadequate. I wish that somebody would give me some shred of neutral evidence about the relationship between financial innovation recently and the growth of the economy, just one shred of information. I am getting a bit wound up here.

I found myself sitting next to one of the inventors of financial engineering. I didn’t know him, but I knew who he was and that he had won a Nobel Prize, and I nudged him and asked what all the financial engineering does for the economy and what it does for productivity. Much to my surprise, he leaned over and whispered in my ear that it does nothing—and this was from a leader in the world of financial engineering…”

My Comment: Mr. Volcker is stating the truth (a liberty he can allow himself due to being a “former” chairman). The crisis continues because it is not being corrected by the creation of improved connections in our global society.

Kabbalah forecasts further downfall until people recognize the root of the crisis – the human egoism, and until people will be forced to rise above it for the sake of survival.

The only question is: how much suffering and how many world wars will we all have to go through in order to recognize the necessity of building the right relationships in our interconnected, global world.

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The Common Soul Develops Like An Embryo

body You cannot calculate how to advance to the next state. It is always incomprehensible to you and concealed in darkness and uncertainty, since all the desires there are new. In fact, everything there begins anew.

You have no way to grab onto it. It can only be revealed by the Upper Light; therefore, this revelation does not depend on you. You make efforts, but you don’t know what mechanism you are triggering to do the work. You are like a little child who plays and accidentally presses some button, turning on the whole system and eliciting great consequences.

And like a child, you should not be concerned with what the next state will be like, since this is exclusively the Creator’s prerogative. Everything moves according to His plan, and no one knows exactly how it works.

You are about to reveal a completely new level, where all the souls begin to be corrected together, according to the general structure of the common soul. It is like an embryo in which all the organs grow gradually, sometimes the liver, sometimes the lungs, and sometimes the legs. Every day one organ grows faster while another one grows slower. In much the same way, the common soul is growing now because it has begun the process of correction. No one knows how exactly it will grow and at what rate.

All we have to do is make every possible effort, focusing only on what we can do right now, instead of trying to guess what will happen tomorrow. And we shouldn’t forget that our objective today is to reveal The Book of Zohar to all of humanity.

5 Minutes of Light From The Daily Lesson: Exertion