Can The Law Of The Torah Provide Justice For The Nation Of Israel?

aboutIn the News (from The Huffington Post): “Yaakov Neeman, Israeli Justice Minister, Says Jewish Law Must Become Binding” Israel’s justice minister called for Jewish law to become binding in Israel, causing a stir Tuesday that cut to the heart of the country’s simmering secular-religious divide.

Neeman, an observant Jew, told a rabbinical conference on Monday that the Bible contains “a complete solution to all the things we are dealing with.”

My Comment: The justice minister has no knowledge of the society’s development. Binding society by laws it cannot observe will bring nothing but collapse.

Only understanding the objective processes of development, which are determined by the Creator, will bring society to harmony. However, this will not happen by the desire of Neeman or the orthodox authorities.

Religious traditions are the cultural heritage of the people and they should only be accepted voluntarily, by providing a positive education to the people. Religion must be separated from the state and should become a part of the people’s culture, instead of a means of force. Religion should protect rather than oppress, educate rather than push, attract by benevolence rather than dictatorship. It should set a kind, dignified example, instead of using coercive methods.

If people don’t accept the traditions voluntarily, as the society’s culture and historical value, then Israel will end up with a dictatorship. In that case, Kabbalah forecasts this nation a horrible future – a collapse of the society and the state.

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