Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Cellar

stuck A question I received: Baal HaSulam writes that we are in the World of Infinity. What is infinity?

My Answer: Infinity is total unity with the Creator. It is a Kli (vessel) that is boundlessly filled with Light. It is one Law, one reality, where “He and His Name are one.” It is the implementation of the plan of creation.

The Creator created this infinite state. But in order to enable us to freely gain our own awareness of this state, we were given sensations that make us feel as if we are not in it; we lack awareness and understanding, and are in a state of confusion.

When a baby is born into this enormous world, we reduce the size of the entire world for him down to a small crib. Instead of fancy food, we feed him oatmeal, and we don’t give him anything besides toys. But all of this is done to make sure that he will grow gradually and develop correctly.

Baal HaSulam provides an even harsher example in a letter to his students: a dark cellar (our world) where the King’s son is raised (the person whom the Creator chose in order to bring him closer to Himself). It is a metaphor of our spiritual growth in the “cellar” – the dark sensation of our world.

Sometimes we are allowed to come out of the cellar for a little while, and then we suddenly sense our world as being brilliant. And at other times we experience pain from making fruitless spiritual efforts. That is how the Creator pushes us to make a firm decision to ascend above ourselves.

At some point, unexpectedly, after working for many years, we are suddenly revealed the way out of the cellar and into a great world full of Light. It’s not the same world we used to come out to on occasion, where we felt jealous of those who are able to enjoy it. Rather, it is the world of Light. We then see that there was no reason to envy those who seemed successful because in reality they don’t have anything.

On the other hand, we have spent our entire life in “the dark cellar” studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and working in the group, but now we have completed the preparation phase and have come out to the Light.

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