Let’s Break The Walls Between Us

time It causes us great suffering when we find ourselves at the transition point between two states. This happens in order to push us forward or back, as it is written, “Difficult are the Creator’s ways. The righteous will walk them and the sinners will stumble on them.” The sinners fall and lose out two-fold, but later, they realize their great loss and advance once again. However, they lose time and increase their suffering.

This was not arranged because the Creator wanted to punish them and cause them to feel unpleasant sensations in order to push them forward. We should never think that His desires change or that He makes any calculations. Everything happens as a result of one calculation: every level differs from the adjacent one by its desire for bestowal or reception Therefore, in order to ascend to the next level, one must acquire a greater desire to bestow, which is felt as suffering and misery! After all, we have to cancel ourselves out and start feeling our neighbor. We have to give to him instead of ourselves and prefer him over ourselves. This kind of attitude is completely unrealistic to us today.

This is why the space between the levels, which we have to fill with the Light of Bestowal, the Light of Hassadim, rises up between us like a wall that we cannot do anything about. It pushes us away from each other like magnets repelling each other! We cannot come close to the quality of bestowal, since the negative power of the magnet throws us back. So what should we do?

Our only opportunity is to ask the Light for correction, with the help of the group that convinces us that this is necessary. If we have done enough work in the group to reveal the force of unity in it, then as a result we feel a desire and the ability to turn to the Creator. Otherwise we are unable to turn to the Creator on our own. We can only turn to Him and reveal Him by working in the group. There we reveal the force that broke us – and then we turn to this force. It is written, “He who makes peace in the heavens will make peace among us.” He will connect us and together we will rise to a new level, Thus, the same empty space that we discovered and worked on before now turns into a means of revelation for us.

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