A Spiritual X-Ray Scan Of Yourself

true6 We have to perceive every word in The Book of Zohar in its spiritual sense because it is speaking about our inner desires, forces, and qualities. We have to try to find the connection between them. Where are my inner qualities which The Zohar calls animals, fish, man, the ark, and the waters of the flood?

I am discovering myself. I want to see myself from the inside like viewing an X-ray scan, because all of these things happen within me. There is nothing else in existence but me.

The Zohar speaks only about matter (desire) and the form of this matter – what “kind” of desire it is. But all of these desires are aimed “for my own sake,” and that is why they provide me with the sensation called “this world.”

If, however, I were to change their intention to “for the sake of another” (my neighbor or the Creator), then I would begin to perceive the “other” world through them instead of “this” world. The words of The Book of Zohar refer to nothing other than my qualities.

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