A Thin Ray Of Light Inside Infinite Darkness

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the Dawn It is impossible to use the forces given to us by the Creator to correct the desire He created – Malchut of the World of Infinity. Suppose that we received everything that is humanly possible with the intention “for the sake of bestowal”; all that would result from this is a thin ray of Light (Kav Dak) in the center of infinite emptiness. All the other desires except the ray would still remain empty.

Let’s say we received just 1% and we cannot give it back to the Host. His attitude to us is 100% good. Even if we didn’t receive anything for ourselves, we still wouldn’t perform any correction by this. However, if the Host gives us the power to receive all 100% for the sake of bestowal, then what is the sense in this? After all, it will come from Him!

Therefore, it is necessary for a point of freedom to be created, a point that is independent of the Creator and the human being. Then a new creature could develop, one that is equivalent to the Creator rather than just a mechanical being. To the Creator, the worst thing is for everything to happen according to His desire. This means that there is no creation. If the Creator creates something that just blindly carries out His desires, this belittles Him. He has to create someone with the freedom of will.

This is why He creates a human being whose desires are completely opposite to His, who neglects the Creator and is opposed to Him in every way. These are the most necessary qualities of the created being. Only from this point, the point where a human being is opposite in all aspects to the Creator, from the point of total hatred and global opposition, can there emerge someone capable of attaining Him.

People say that the greatest hero is one who turns his enemy into a friend. The Creator does not force man to come to him; He does not make any compromises and He does not play an unfair game with us. Even though it is written, “There is None Else Beside Him” and the Creator governs completely over creation, He governs particularly in order to make sure that the created being will not reject its freedom!

This is His primary concern, since otherwise there is no creation; there is only a controlled element. It would be a blow to the Creator’s dignity if He allowed creation to blindly follow Nature, regardless of whether it is good or bad. For the Creator, both of these options are no good.

He wants only one thing: for the created being to be separate and independent of Him, and to act while being in this independent position. Only a creature like this can be called a “human being.”

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