An Independent Point Above The Created Matter

anyone A human being is created from the unification of Malchut and Bina, the qualities of reception and bestowal. This is also what makes us capable of being corrected. Bina connects with Malchut, and this gives rise to a third reality – a reality that includes both but does not belong to either of them.

Malchut is the quality of judgment, from which nothing can be built. Bina is the quality of mercy, which does not have the power to create. The creative force can only be produced by their unification. Suppose we take some cement, water, and sand, mix them together to get concrete, and make building blocks. We produce a construction material which consists of these qualities. While the qualities themselves become lost in the material, a new reality is born.

What is so special about a drop of semen that enables it to go from a father into a mother, to grow, and then for a child to be born who later becomes an individual, a human being? Why is it that he suddenly separates from his parents and ceases to belong to them when he becomes an independent being?

At first an infant behaves according to natural instincts, which we understand. But when he reaches the age of 6 or 7, he suddenly becomes independent and begins to have his own opinion. It is no longer just the animate nature that controls him, but a new personality is born, which does not exactly replicate the father and the mother. He seems to include both of them, but at the same time, he is on his own. We don’t understand how this happens, since we don’t see the root of the occurrences.

However, this is precisely what the Creator desires: for a new life – the middle line (the human being) to emerge from the forces of reception and bestowal that He created, from two opposite forces that come together. His goal was not to create a desire, since a desire is just a material that automatically reacts to “good” and “bad.” Rather, the Creator and the human being exist outside of matter. The Creator wished to create a point that is above the desire and that emerges from the unification of the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal. This is a completely new reality, which is your “self”!

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