Our Spiritual Growth Resembles A Seed Planted Into The Ground

nature.jpg A question I received: What does it mean in Kabbalah to turn to the group?

My Answer: To turn to a Kabbalistic group means that a person is completely helpless, he is drowning in an ocean, he finds himself in a horrible situation, he is starving to death – and suddenly, he reveals that there are good people all around him who want to help him. He must only ask them and show them that he wants help from them!

He has to be sure that they will help him. He doesn’t even need to hear them say that they agree to this. Everything depends on the person, similar to his outlook on the Creator’s attitude to us. In reality, the Creator is always ready to help, and the group is the same thing as the Creator. If I nullify myself before the group and expect to receive help from it, then I will receive it! It will happen automatically. It does not depend on specific people in the group, since I turn to their inner, corrected state, which is in the World of Infinity and which even they may not feel yet.

In order to achieve this, I have to really need it. I have to despair from my own lack of power and believe that I will be able to do it only with their help, only if I receive their support, their mutual guarantee, their energy, and all the rest. If I nullify myself before them in this manner, then I will definitely succeed.

However, I have to nullify myself completely. In order for a seed that is planted into the ground to grow, it must first rot. Similarly, a person must first reject all that is his in order for the group to influence him to the full extent. He will then enter a new life; a new plant will sprout from the seed that rotted. But it won’t happen until the seed rots.

We think that we have joined others and are building something together, but that is not so. A seed has to nullify itself, and then the environment will influence it. A person has to understand what he needs to receive from the group – which minerals he needs, what kind of moisture, warmth, and oxygen. He has to disintegrate in order to be able to absorb the influence of the environment.

We, however, think that all of the moisture, minerals and oxygen are inside us. Yet, all that we contain is the Reshimo, and nothing else. The rest comes from the environment, since the entire spiritual system is built upon our connection.

If a new cell is transplanted to the body, then the whole body begins working on it. We, however, have to annul the protective forces of the ego, which reject a foreign body and don’t let them connect. This is something we have to do on our own.

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