We Can Affect The Rate Of Our Evolution

There Are No Creatures On Other Planets A question I received: Isn’t the Surrounding Light mysticism?

My Answer: Who can explain how a child matures and becomes an adult? Why doesn’t he remain the way he was yesterday? We simply got used to seeing that this happens, but actually, we have no explanation for it.

Science can tell us what stages a child has to go through, as well as which stage comes first and which comes next, but it is unable to explain why this is so. It can explain what happens within matter, but it doesn’t see the cause that exists outside of matter, pushing it to develop.

The answer is that a child is affected by the same Surrounding Light that affects all other parts of nature, including Kabbalists. Every person has to go through many reincarnations in order to eventually reach the final goal. This is why the Upper Light acts within matter and creates vegetative, animate, and human nature from inanimate nature. Otherwise, all matter would remain dead and invariable.

However, the purpose of this matter is to develop. The Upper Governance is also present as a force in our world, but none of the sciences suspect this. This is why I left science. I wanted to learn: where does the force of life come from? Is it inside atoms, molecules, cells, or their subsystems? However, science doesn’t explore this, and therefore, what use do we have for it, if it can’t help us discover the most important thing and doesn’t even try to find out what it is?

The Surrounding Light is the Upper Force, which cannot be captured by any physical instrument. We only see its consequences or effects, such as the way a child develops year after year. This is evident to us.

The force that takes us from one stage to another is called the Surrounding Light. However, this is only true in relation to a person who attracts this force on his own, consciously, wishing to develop. On the other hand, in our world this Light causes the natural evolution, following a path called “in due time.” The train of evolution crawls along slowly according to its own speed, and the Upper Force operates within matter, pushing it ahead toward the goal.

If you enter the spiritual world, you will be able to investigate every stage of evolution – even the age of the dinosaur, if this was your area of interest, since all previous forms were predetermined. They were obliged to form by a certain combination of the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal.

It was only recently that we developed to such a state where we can attract this force of life, the Surrounding Light, on our own.

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  1. Dear Rav, this blog about the Surrounding Light and the fact that science cannot find it is absolutely clear and wonderful to me. The reason why I am commenting is that I too, love science and of course it was your profession – but what is even more wonderful is that ordinary people don’t have to be great scientists like yourself to appreciate the Force that makes us grow. Nevertheless, although you left science I think it was good that you know more than the average person about cells, molecules, how the body works, just like any other educated scientist. I think the more ONE LEARNS ABOUT SCIENCE THE MORE ONE APPRECIATES KABBALAH. That is my observation. It helps us more to know that we have looked everywhere, even in “high science” and have not found the “answer”. Also, when you teach us, and use cells, babies, and everyday examples, this helps me enormously to understand the laws of nature.

    thank you

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