Don’t Waste Your Time On The Impossible

threeparts In Kabbalah, “forbidden” means “impossible.” Something is forbidden because it contradicts the laws of nature and cannot be carried out. However, we are in the state of concealment, which makes us think that we are able to make this action and to reap a benefit from it. Yet, Kabbalists tell you, “It’s forbidden!” as if speaking to a baby that is trying to cause harm to himself.

The harm from such an attempt to make an incorrect action does not necessarily have to come directly; it can come in an indirect form. Therefore, it will seem to us that we acted correctly and even made a profit, while in actuality we will be wasting our lives on useless, even harmful, actions. It will take a long period of time and suffering for us to reveal this.

This is why Kabbalists warn us, “Don’t waste your time and effort. You can’t change anything this way, because the system of Nature is arranged differently from what you imagine!” As time goes by, we start to fall behind and don’t carry out what is expected of us. However, the force acts according to our maturity level, demanding greater advancement from us.

Since we don’t advance, we continue to feel pressure, problems, and suffering. This is why Kabbalists tell you, “You can’t do this!” They aren’t trying to persuade you, since they cannot explain this to you the way a teacher explains something to a child, telling you that you shouldn’t act in a certain way because you can’t see higher than your current level. This is why they tell you firmly: It’s forbidden! But in order to hear them, you have to enter a group and find a teacher.

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