The Zohar Builds Our Soul

Using the Sixth Sense, One Perceives Like the Creator By studying The Book of Zohar, each person discerns precisely what is necessary for his soul. When reading The Zohar, each of us receives his own impressions, which are distinct from another person’s.

The entire narrative of The Book of Zohar has to pass through us. However, a person’s development does not occur by virtue of the influence of the narration itself, but from the Light that Reforms. The Light illuminates a person’s desire, his matter, which contains informational genes, Reshimot. This is similar to the work of stem cells – the foundation of all the cells in a human body.

As the Light influences our matter, it awakens the Reshimot that are inside the matter and which are unique and specific to each person’s soul. With the help of the Light, these Reshimot build a certain structure, a part of the soul, out of the matter. As a result, every person has his own construction of the soul.

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