The Creator’s Patent For Eternal Pleasure

fear A question I received: Why can’t we unite our feelings with the mind?

My Answer: The inconsistency of the feelings and the mind comes from a very high root: the Partzuf of Galgalta, which began to create its> inner Partzuf of ABDalet de-Itlabshut) and the size of the screen (Gimel de-Aviyut) – the information of level 4/3. From this moment on, the Lights are always situated in the wrong places and there is an inconsistency of the Light (fulfillment) and the screen (desire). This gives rise to a sensation of a lack in us.

For example, I have fulfillment of the third level (Gimel de-Aviut) and information about the fourth level of the Light (Dalet de-Itlabshut). In other words, I know that there can be more than what I currently have! I can imagine fulfillment that is one level higher than what I currently receive. Thus, a difference emerges between what I desire and the reality – what is and what can be.

Hence, the mind is born, which thinks about how I can achieve what I currently don’t have. It exists in me, but only as a potential possibility; it is not mine yet. Suppose that I had never had a car before and you gave me a ride in your car. I was impressed and now I feel the difference between our states. This immediately activates an instrument in me called the “mind.” In other words, the mind is awakened in the place where I feel a lack and wish to achieve what I desire.

If the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif, the Light outside of me) was not placed opposite the Direct Light (Ohr Yashar, the Light within me), then a mind would never develop within me. This is why our entire ascent occurs above the hatred and the lack, which always remain. The Creator’s whole “patent” lies in the fact that it is impossible to fulfill an egoistic desire. It will remain empty – the whole Malchut of Infinity, but we will build a new empty cavity above it: the space of bestowal.

Our enjoyment will come from fulfilling others and enjoying their enjoyment. Precisely the fact that the will to receive remains empty, yet we build our bestowal above it, allows us to reach eternal pleasure.

An empty desire will constantly push me toward bestowal, and I will delight in it. To illustrate this, Rabash gives the example of a queen who has thousands of servants, but she still wishes to feed her baby son herself because this gives her pleasure.

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  1. Why does God take away our loved ones?

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