To Be Immersed In An Ocean Of Goodness

light A developed person differs from others in that he is willing to endure great suffering for a long period of time in order to reach a goal that is great and therefore requires a great amount of effort and time to achieve. A person’s level of development is determined by how much effort and time he is willing to put into meriting a reward, due to the fact that he is able to imagine a goal worthy of such effort.

We see in our world that there are people who live and make money “as it comes” – by chance. In the morning a person leaves his house, finds a job that will make him enough money to feed himself for that day, and then he comes home. I once had a neighbor who used to say, “I have fifty bucks for today and that’s enough. My family and I are going to the beach. We have enough money to buy sandwiches all day, so we can sit back and relax.” I was surprised and asked, “But what about tomorrow?” He replies simply, “I have enough for today!” This was his attitude to life.

Meanwhile, another person leaves his house concerned. You ask him, “Did something happen? Do you not have money to feed your family?” He replies, “No, everything is fine.” So you ask him, “What’s the matter?” He then begins to tell you about problems in the “world,” or about something that may happen in several years’ time.  If you suggest to him to go  to the beach with his family and relax, he would not be unable to block these worrisome thoughts even there.

The more developed a person, the greater his area of concern, the greater his goal, and the more he is willing to suffer in order to reach the goal. It is the same with regard to spirituality because a person who will reach the spiritual goal is one who is willing to bear much suffering, put forth effort and wait years in spite of his inner criticism and disagreement with the path itself.

The only thing a person needs is the sensation that he is heading toward this goal, even if he doesn’t know when he will reach it – immediately or an infinite time into the future. If we feel this way, it means that we have corrected our Kelim. If our goal is to reach bestowal, then we don’t ask about the reward.

We have to feel that we don’t demand anything except this goal and that it doesn’t matter when we will receive it or even if we will receive it at all. If we feel this way, it means that we already exist within it! This is the method for a person to enter the spiritual world, and there to experiences perfection, to feel immersed in an ocean of goodness.

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