Keeping The Point Of Contact With The Book Of Zohar

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception A question I received: If a person reading The Zohar was able to momentarily find a point of contact with it, then how can he hold on to it?

My Answer: He will hold on to it if he isn’t afraid of anything that comes next and he is ready to rebuild this connection over and over again under any circumstances that arise. If he is scared to death of losing the sensation of this connection, that means he lacks confidence and is not sufficiently connected with others. Besides, he does not understand that his progress takes place in the quality of bestowal, which always grows, develops and intensifies within him. However, it cannot develop if he is afraid and constrains himself. If he is concerned about his future, then he is operated by egoism instead of the desire to bestow.

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  1. How do we conquer this fear?

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