When Darkness And Light Become One

adjacent Everything comes from the Creator, the Upper Force. The Light and darkness both come from Him, as it is written, “He who creates the Light and the darkness.” When desiring to reveal Him, I have to take these two forces and correctly unite them together. Right now they seem opposite to one another and I don’t understand how two opposite forces can come from one source – for example, good and evil, light and darkness, impurity (Klipa) and holiness, which are caught in a constant struggle.

So how is it possible to unite them? In our world we often see qualities and actions that are diametrically different from each other – ones that are wonderful and good, or evil, repulsive and horrible. How can it be possible to combine them together and attribute them to one source – the Creator?

In spirituality this schism and difference between qualities is much greater than in our world. Yet we have to build an inner system that connects opposite forces together, because that is how they really exist – in peace and harmony, one complementing the other. Neither of them can exist without the other.

By building this system within myself, I begin to understand its root, to see where this opposition comes from and what is really happening. We still don’t understand this. This won’t make sense to us until we gain the ability to build ourselves above the Machsom, in spirituality. Until then, we can either be on one extreme or the other, or severed from both, but we are unable to be in unity and harmony with two opposite forces.

By working to unify two opposite forces inside me, I build a point of contact between them, a system where they unite despite being opposite. Neither suppresses the other, as it happens in our world; rather, the two reach total harmony. The space I build within is my “I,” my soul, which is equal to the Creator.

The Creator is one, but relative to me, He breaks up into two forces – a positive one and a negative one, a plus and a minus. I connect these two forces inside me into one system, and it turns out that the system I build between the plus and the minus is completely equal to the Creator.

In this manner, I attain the Creator through His actions. I thereby build within me a human being who is similar to the Creator. I am one in the system of Malchut, and I am the same as the Creator in the system of Keter. All of our work lies in attaining this equivalence.


  1. One way I try to bridge the gap between what seems awful and what seems good, is to ask what might be good about that awful thing. for example, my mother has severe Parkinson’s Disease – which seems awful.

    On the other side I see I have come to peace with all the things I thought she should have done when I was younger, also I’ve come to see the gift of her being able to laugh and make wisecracks, things she always did but that now I appreciate. So by looking for what good has come from her Disease, I no longer feel it is so awful – there is more a blending and certainly more acceptance and peace.

  2. When we look upon a beautiful tree the thought may cross our minds to wonder what is that process that occurs within the darkness of the soil that turns lifeless dirt into living tissue? How does the tree actually add mass? Somehow they transform dead lifeless matter into living tissue. Depending upon the variety of the tree, some of the once lifeless matter will go on to help produce delicious fruit or nuts that can now feed and nourish other forms of life.

    So how does it happen? If we were to expand the process so that we could experience it directly what would it be like?

    Two sides of the veil. One in the light, one in the dark. The cells of the tree that live in the darkness never know the light, yet they depend upon it for their life and that light is brought down from above. Even so, the cells of the tree that live in the light depend upon the roots to add mass to the living body of life that the tree is.

    Together they make one tree.

    Perhaps what many think of as the totality of ‘reality’ is but one ‘house’ in the tree of life. The process of becoming, the cycle of birth and death.

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