The Difference Between Mysticism And Science

control Classical science wishes to penetrate into the matter of the spiritual world through physical matter, by examining our world through the five senses and their assistant, the mind. However, this is impossible for one simple reason: the matter of our world is perceived under the condition that our perception remains egoistic. Meanwhile, spiritual matter can only be felt through the quality of bestowal.

In other words, our attainment depends on a person’s qualities: whether they are altruistic or egoistic. If a person is an egoist (meaning, his qualities are those of reception), then it is impossible for him to study the spiritual world, the quality of bestowal. Only by rising from our innate egoism to the quality of bestowal can we can examine egoism from the outside, objectively. Then why were we endowed with egoistic qualities in the first place? It is because if a person were to enter the spiritual without first having existed inside egoistic qualities, he would not be able to identify or understand it.

However, there is no connection between these qualities; it is like fire and water – one does not understand the other. This is why the discovery of the spiritual world is described by the verse, “I labored and found.” If a person puts in effort, then he activates a system that will later give him the quality of bestowal. He then starts to understand what it is. However, until then, all talk about the spiritual world will remain meaningless to him.

As long as we exist in the egoistic desire, no amount of research will enable us to understand anything about the spiritual world or the soul. To accomplish this, we must first change our qualities to altruistic ones. However, if you try to research the world in which you exist without changing yourself, then you are entering the realm of mysticism. You fall into the danger of defining spirituality incorrectly, thinking that it is not bestowal, but some “other worldly” adventures.

Only the quality of bestowal can be “other worldly” because the only thing there is in our world is only matter – the quality of reception. The spiritual world is bestowal and love, which exists above our ego. Its existence does not depend on whether our animalistic bodies are alive or dead, because it is not connected to the body at all. It also doesn’t depend on how developed our minds are.

Everything depends only on whether or not the quality of bestowal is present in one’s desire, and this quality can only be acquired using the Kabbalistic method because it enables us to draw the Light of Correction – the quality of bestowal from the next degree, from the Upper Force.

Therefore, studying the “spiritual” world before acquiring the quality of bestowal is mysticism because it is made-up. Kabbalah, on the other hand, is a science. To the extent that you attain the quality of bestowal within, you can then examine everything that happens in your qualities of reception and bestowal.

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