The Intellect Is A Tool For Working With Our Desires

Is the Antagonism Between Israel's Secular and Orthodox Jews a Form of Anti-Semitism A question I received: Is my intellect able to easily comprehend what’s written in The Book of Zohar?

My Answer: Our intellect can only understand what we feel. It is able to perceive only what is felt inside our matter, or our desire.

Even in mathematics, where we operate only with numbers, these numbers are arranged inside us according to how small or large our desires are. Therefore, everything has to settle within ourselves, within the matter of which we are comprised – our feelings. We cannot do anything about it since that’s how the Creator made us.

After that, we turn on our brain and start to see the difference between numbers: this one seems bigger, that one is smaller, this one is positive and that one is negative. This is how we operate and the reason why the first thing we have to do is develop our senses – the desire to receive and all of its different forms, as well as the desire to bestow.

Our brain and intellect serve only to help us build the connections between different levels of the desire to receive pleasure and the desire to bestow. This is what our intellect is meant for; it connects various forms of desire.

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