What Can We Expect Of The Z Generation?

laitman_547_06Opinion (Yevgeny Novitsky): “The formation of the new American generation called the Z generation is coming to an end. These are 14-19 year-old youth who will replace the millennium generation that was born in the years 1980-2000. They don’t control advanced technologies but consume it. They are far from the laws of mechanics, physics and chemistry.

“The breach between the inventors and the users can be the main attribute that distinguishes that Z generation. The inventors will gain money and control while the users will be under the complete domination of their genius peers both socially and economically.

“Most members of the new generation have never had to cope with hunger or homelessness and they cannot solve the simplest problems. They lack the life experience one accumulates as he goes through different trials. The Z generation will grow up to be sensitive and pessimistic. Many will not be able to become independent by themselves.

“The Z members generation have no interest in history and their inability to see the link between the past and the present, to analyze things and to draw conclusions is actually scary. They perceive the concept of equality as superior to any other American value. The reason is the brainwashing in schools and colleges that the democratic party is responsible for.

“It will be easier for the government to manipulate the Z generation in America and there are technologies that are actually like drugs for them.

“The Z generation live ‘on a cloud’ at any age as a result of the coercive mass culture. They prefer true stories instead of stories about robots, vampires, zombies, superheroes and other imaginary characters.

“The most disturbing fact is that they have no goal in life and that they lack the enthusiasm and the drive to know the world. They want a leader who will pull them after him.

“It is impossible to excite today’s children. Television, the computer, video games and social networks are all starting to gradually bore them. At the same time this generation doesn’t show great interest in drugs, alcohol and smoking like the millennium generation.”

My Comment: We will soon find out that it is actually this generation that will raise the world to its upper source, to the next dimension, and it is the way it is because it wasn’t born for our world of the past!

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